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 “In fact – it could be said, that unbeknownst to most whites, Asian  women can be so extremely racist agains Asian males and pro-white and so  “famously easy” for White men – that they tend to attract the worst  white males, given that many White men use Asian women as a  re-affirmation of the superiority of Whiteness, after being rejected by  White women; ergo, Asian women, who feel unattractive, will tolerate  low-status White men on the basis that these men are White, henceforth  creating a hostile environment towards Eurasians and Asians. ” 



 十年后,婚姻以暴力结束,分开了卧室,她拼命想把我从父亲身边带走。 一般亚洲女性不知道的是,虽然她们在融入过程中有特权,但他们的儿子却没有。我哥哥34岁,看起来完全是中国人,仍然是一个处男,从来没有过女朋友。中国人不接受我,而白人女性一再拒绝我,因为我是中国人。即便是亚洲女性和亚裔美国女性对我也不例外。




People need to be aware of what biracials go through and that we need  additional support; this week was yet another biracial with an Asian  mother making national news for insane behavior. This is my picture.

My mother was Chinese and my father a White American. I was born  through C-section in Flushing, NY, after which my mother became sick  from the blood transfusion and developed Hepatitis B, and died. My  father was a meek, racist Asiaphile “traditionalist” who has trouble  communicating and didn’t want to work, and my mother threw herself at  him for integration into Western society and for status.

Ten years later the marriage ended in violence, separate bedrooms,  and her desperately trying to take me away from my father. What  Asianwomen in general don’t realize is that while they have privilege  in integrating, their sons don’t. My brother is 34, looks totally  Chinese, and is still a virgin, never having had a girlfriend. Chinese  people do not accept me, and white women repeatedly turned me down for  being Chinese. Even Asian women and Asian American women did too.

I could never respect my mother after this – for literally marrying  into a race that hates half of me, and worse, that my father spent years  trying to force “white” culture onto me. While a white guy will have an  easy time coming to China, all his friends will joke that Chinese girls  are easy – why would that make me proud? In what world does it  make sense for a half Asian son who looks Asian – would develop health  esteem when his own mother wanted a white man?

After the first 100 times I grew sick of hearing “of course it’s your  dadwho is the whiteone.” For a long time I refused to even  acknowledge I was Chinese; I would cut my hair short so it would be a  lighter color. If Chinese and Asian women are famous for throwing  themselves at white men – why would I want to identify as Chinese? They  clearly want white men – so I tried but failed to be a white man, since  my mother dumped me and my brother into racist western society with a  clueless white dad.

There’s a reason there are almost no successful half Asians with  Asian mothers despite being so common. There’s a reason why three days  ago a half Asian with an Asian mom danced naked and delusional in Times  Square,why half Asians have gone on spree killings. Our parents  abandoned us.The “merging of two worlds” is a failure as it is so  lopsided. If they really, truly believe the best way to ensure that a  child can survive in a white supremacist world is to have kids with  white supremacists – it might be better to not have kids at all. And now  with my help there is a tremendous, globe-spanning English language  forum of half Asians all in agreement, and this will continue to build  momentum for the forseeable future. I’m truly sorry it has to be this  way, but enough of us have suffered and I need the help of the Asian  community in supporting biracial sons.


Keep in mind, that Asian women are so world famous for hating their own men.There is no other race on earth that has this ingrained hatred of Asianness and their own men. Literally none.

相比之下,亚裔女性经常提及亚洲男性的书呆子气质是这些男性不受欢迎的原因,在我的研究中,跨种族已婚的亚裔美国男性很少明确提到亚裔女性体质的缺点是不娶或不约会的原因。 (Chong,2013;第197-198页)
In contrast to the women who frequently alluded to the nerdy quali- ties of Asian males as reasons for these men’s undesirability, interracially married Asian American men in my study rarely mentioned explicitly the physical shortcomings of Asian females as reasons for not marrying or dating them. (Chong, 2013; Pg. 197-198)

“亚裔妇女的堕胎率是白人妇女的两倍。 2000年,约有35%的亚裔怀孕以堕胎告终,这是所有种族和少数族裔中第二高,仅次于黑人,几乎是白人18%的两倍。”





“Asian-American women have twice as many abortions as  White women. “In 2000, about 35 percent of Asian-American pregnancies  ended in abortion, the second highest rate for all racial and ethnic groups behind blacks, and almost double the 18 percent rate for whites.”  Source

When you look at who is getting abortions in Australia, it is massively overrepresented by overseas Chinese students.  Given that 68% of third generation Chinese marry Whites – (the bulk of  which are Chinese women), that means that these women are generally  sleeping with White men.

It is also verifiable fact that Asian Americans have more girlson average –yet this doesn’t specify whether these Asian Americans are married to whites, or other Asian Americans.

Such cultural misinformation has been used to pass sex-selective  abortion laws in eight states and bring them up for consideration in at  least 21. But the racist accusations of proponents of these laws are  false. In fact, Asian Americans have more girls on average than white Americans,  according to a recent study by the University of Chicago School of Law.  Still, sex-selective abortion laws were the second most-proposed  abortion ban in 2013 and 2014.

In short, I do suspect that Asian / Chinese women are very much aware  that A) they have a strong sexual preference for white men, and B) that  this could possibly negatively affect a Eurasian looking son. My  suspicion is that Asian women, being highly intelligent, also seem to  coast by on their privilege of being “almost white”, but on getting  pregnant – realize that their children will carry on their Asian looks,  complete with the knowledge that their fathers were uniformly white.

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