SA516Gr65 American Standard for
舞阳钢铁 2018-11-14

SA516Gr65 American Standard for Pressure Vessel Plates / Executive Standard: ASME (ASTM) SA516 Series Steel Technology
Uses: American Standard pressure vessel plate, widely used in petroleum, chemical, power plants, boilers and other industries for the production of reactor, heat exchangers, separators, tank, gas cans, gas cans, nuclear reactor pressure vessel, boiler Drum, liquefied petroleum gas bottles, high-pressure water station, other equipment and components and spiral case.
Executive Standard: ASME (ASTM);
Materials and experimental American Association standards, the low carbon steel plates for pressure vessels, ASME A516/A516M-06, important for the improvement of notch toughness of carbon steel welded pressure vessels.
Steel is greater than 50mm should be normalized
Levels are: 55 (380) refers to the tensile strength of greater than 55Ksi, 380MPa, thickness up to 305mm, 60 (415) Level 65 (450) Level 70 (485) level.
Status: hot rolling, controlled rolling, normalizing, etc

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