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Eat Less These Kinds of Food
ti11274724694 2019-03-20

Moldy food

Speaking of moldy food, you may have seen alot of moldy peanuts, rice, ginger, etc., may be due to improper storage or ina moist environment for a long time, will increase the mildew of these foods.

In some people's minds, these moldy foodscan be eaten by removing the mildewed parts. For example, moldy rice, washedseveral times with water, does not seem to be mildewed;moldy ginger, remove the mildewed part, the taste of ginger still exists.

As everyone knows, your temporary saveoften bring about physical damage. When the food is mildewed, the aflatoxin isincreasing. These mycotoxins are invisible to the naked eye. Once they areeaten by mistake, they penetrate into the body. Your viscera will cause verylarge damage to liver cells, and it is not an exaggeration to induce livercancer.


It can be said that most people can'trefuse the temptation of barbecue. Even can make ordinary vegetables full ofdifferent flavors during the barbecue process. Not to mention the meat, afterroasting, the overflowing smells are so luring. Appropriate eating barbecue, itis OK, but once you eat too much, eat it yesterday, eat it today and eat ittomorrow, it is not safe and healthy.

Mainly food in the baking process,inevitably add a lot of spices, seasonings, these things will invisiblyincrease the liver detoxification ability. Subsequently, the food may beproduced in high-temperature roasting, which may cause carcinogens ofbenzopyrene, which is a very bad food for the liver. As a barbecue, a36 steel pipe itscharacteristics are hot. It is common to eat too much, and the liver fire willappear later, which also affects the health of your liver.

Pickled food

Chinese people have a special liking forpickled foods. Meat, fish and even vegetables all can be used for pickling.Some of the ingredients have been marinated for a year. It is undeniable thatthe food has been marinated and the flavor is more rich. However, such food isnot necessarily healthy. When the salt is preserved, it can also cause food tobe denatured. check here After eating, it may further increase the burden on the organs,not only the damage to the kidneys and stomach, but also the liver.


When it comes to eating sashimi, manypeople may think of Japan. Japanese people prefer sashimi, and sashimi is akind of food therapy method they prefer. Slowly in some parts of China, peoplealso like sashimi very much, especially young people, the degree of preferencefor sashimi is extremely high.

Indeed, eating sashimi can absorb the mosttender flesh of fish, but it is not known that there are many parasites inthese sashimi. Among them, liver fluke is a parasite that needs everyone'sattention. Once you have eaten it, it is very easy to cause liver flukedisease. This kind of liver disease is more and more common at present. Manypeople may not care about it. I hope that you don't ignore it and should payattention to it.

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