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''The imbalance oftalent supply construction, the fundamental reason is the imbalance ofeducational development system.'' Han Fengqin told this reporter that thecurrent training of highly skilled talent is very difficult. Objectivelyspeaking, the current education system in China is relatively unbalanced, andthe excessive development of general education and the development ofvocational education are insufficient. After the expansion of enrollment incolleges and universities in the 1990s, the scale of higher education grewrapidly, and many colleges and universities carried out mergers andreorganizations and upgrades. According to statistics, nearly half of the morethan 2,000 public colleges and universities in the country have changed theirnames in the past 20 years. rolled steel pipe Most of the renaming institutions are transformedfrom professional or applied ''colleges''. These universities pursue large andcomprehensive schools, and the homogenization tendency is serious. This hasalso become the crux of the lack of employment and the lack of highly skilledtalents.check here

In Han Fengqin'sview, without the modernization of vocational education, there is nomodernization of education, and there is no modernization of the economic systemand social system. Only by looking at vocational education from the overallperspective of national economic and social development, vocational educationcan play its proper meaning. Therefore, the "Program" also clarifiedthe establishment of the inter-ministerial joint conference system forvocational education in the State Council. The deputy prime minister in chargeof education work under the State Council served as the convener.

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