Some Changes for Brexit
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Brexit refers to the UK's current policyobjectives to promote the UK's departure from the European Union, so that theUK is no longer bound by EU law, the European single market and several freetrade agreements, and can take back control of immigration policy.Stainless Steel Tubing

On February 26, 2019, the British media broke the news that Prime Minister Theresa Maypostponed the parliamentary vote to discuss the Brexit issue until March 12.According to the existing plan, the time for the official departure of the UKwas on March 29, and the date was so close that the outside world speculatedthat Theresa had the idea of postponing the Brexit. Earlier, British governmentofficials also said on the 25th that the Prime Minister considered postponingthe Brexit date by two months. This has caused great concern to the outsideworld. 

Why does Teresa May consider postponingthe Brexit? What is she waiting for?

Outside comments, the Brexit agreement ispending and the economy is greatly affected.check here

For Theresa, the delay in the Brexit dateis not an end but a means. According to the results of the previous Brexitreferendum, the UK will officially leave the European Union on the 29th of nextmonth. However, it has not yet reached any effective agreement with the EU,which cast a shadow over its trip to Brexit. Apart from politicalconsiderations, economic factors are the biggest concern for Brexit. After theresults of the referendum came out, the British economy suffered a major blow.After the Brexit date, a large amount of investment was withdrawn from the UK.According to Norwegian official statistics, only in December 2018, more than200 British companies chose to move their headquarters to Norway. This isbecause their business is closely linked to the European continent. After theBrexit, they no longer enjoy the preferential economic policies of the EU,which makes them make such choices.

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