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healthy development of students
ti11274724694 2019-03-28

Recently, the online biography "On theMinistry of Education stipulated that swimming will be officially included inthe examination for the senior high school entrance examination",Steel Wire theMinistry of Education responded that it is not true.

In 2016, the General Office of the StateCouncil issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Physical Education ofSchools to Promote the Physical and Mental Health of Students". Primaryand secondary schools should include students' participation in sportsactivities, students' physical health status and motor skill level in thejunior high school and high school level examinations, and include them in thecomprehensive quality evaluation system. All localities must scientificallydetermine the scores of sports examinations or other requirements according tothe actual situation.

In the same year, click here the Ministry of Educationissued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform of the SchoolEntrance Examination System in Senior High Schools", which comprehensivelydeployed the reform of the senior high school entrance examination, gave fullplay to the correct guiding role of the senior high school entrance examinationin the development of quality education, and focused on cracking the scoretheory. Students are overburdened and not standardized. The goal of this roundof the reform of the senior high school entrance examination is to form a highschool education enrollment admission mode and a well-regulated and supervised management mechanism based on the results of thejunior high school level test and comprehensive quality evaluation by 2020, soas to promote the healthy development of students. To maintain educationalequity.

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