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Some Landscapes II
zhi194624562815 2019-03-08

Eiffel Tower, Paris

TheEiffel Tower sells about 7 million tickets a year for visitors to Paris. The1889 World Expo was completed. After two years of construction, it has 1665steps to the top and elevators to two observation levels. Thecomputer-check hereprogrammed lighthouse, which can be seen 50 miles away, supplementsthe tower's 20,000 light bulbs as an exciting, hourly night performancedesigned to celebrate the millennium.Galvanized Steel Tube

Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

Hollywoodlogo first appeared in the name of "Hollywood" in 1923, promotingreal estate development, and rebuilding in 1978, marking the landmark industry,making Los Angeles a corporate city, even today. To get the best self-timereffect, park along North Beachwood Avenue, leave Franklin Avenue, watch theBeachwood Canyon, or nostalgia at the Griffith Park Observatory.3 inch galvanized square tubing


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