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Network Marketing
zhi194624562815 2019-03-12

Advertising of informational flow

Informationflow advertising is a friend dynamic for social media users.


Informationflow advertisement is an advertisement in the content stream of informationmedia and audio-visual media.Spiral Welded Tube


Informationflow advertisements are in the form of pictures, pictures, videos, etc. Theyare characterized by algorithm recommendation and native experience. They canbe directionally put through tags, and choose to push exposure, landing pagesor App downloads according to their own needs.


E-Mail marketing

Emailmarketing based on user license has obvious advantages over traditionalpromotion methods or unauthorized E-check heremail marketing, such as reducing thenuisance of advertisements to users, increasing the accuracy of potentialcustomer positioning, enhancing the relationship with customers, and improvingbrand loyalty.


Maillist is actually an E-mail marketing form. Mail list is also based on theprinciple of user permission. Users voluntarily join and exit freely. A slightdifference is that E-mail marketing sends promotional information directly tousers, while mailing list provides valuable information for users.

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