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Kinds of Foods with Low Calorie
zhi194624562815 2019-03-20


All kinds of soybeans have a large amountof lecithin, which helps the body to break down the oil, promote theperistalsis of the large intestine, and has the effect of clearing the bowels.Mixing rice with soybeans can greatly improve protein utilization and nutrientrichness.


Onions can promote the growth of probioticsin the intestines, activate probiotics, and avoid diarrhea or gastroenteritisdue to excessive intestinal bacteria. Onions are oligosaccharide foods thathave the effect of lowering body cholesterol. According to various studies,astm a312 pipe onion raw food can exert the maximum effect, even for cold salad is a goodchoice.


The plant collagen contained in the algaefood can remove the toxins in the intestines, restore the intestinal tract andreduce the possibility of constipation. Common algae foods include kelp andseaweed. These foods are rich in iodine, which promotes blood metabolism. Someof the algae foods are very low in calories, and the alginic acid in the kelpcan help to excrete this harmful chemical element. Eating kelp often reducesthe risk of leukemia.

Coarse food grain and cereals

Coarse food grain, such as orals, purplepotatoes, which contain rich dietary fiber, regular consumption of such foodscan lower the cholesterol content in the blood and is beneficial todetoxification of the intestines. Like coarse grains, when you eat it alone,the taste is rough, so you can eat it with some smooth food. For example,oatmeal with milk, soak together to eat; purple potato can be added to the sagodew to cook a dessert; or when cooking rice, sprinkle some purple rice, thesecollocations can play the best of both worlds - nutrition and taste.


As a kind of vegetables, celery isdefinitely rich in dietary fiber, and after celery is decomposed by theintestinal digestive juice, it will produce several beneficial elements such aslignin. Celery can lower blood pressure and blood lipids. For people who wantto lose weight, the most important thing is that the potassium in celery hasthe effect of ''shrinking''. Eating celery can cause edema to stay away from you, making yourbody look slimmer.


Garlic comes with garlic to fight thebacteria in the human intestines, activate beneficial bacteria, and ensure thenormal operation of the body's metabolic system.

Of course, vegetables are generally themost nutritious ingredients for raw food. It is a suitable choice for as aseasoning to add salad. However, some major diseases, liver disease, eyediseases and diarrhea patients can not eat garlic, these patients will increasethe condition if they eat garlic.check here

Lean meat (protein)

Meat is a representative of obesity in ourweight loss impression. Some dieters even talk about flesh color change. In fact,you don't need this. You don't eat meat. I still feel bad meat. Meat is rich inprotein, improving metabolism and increasing feel of satiety. So if you want tolose weight, you can't do without meat.


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