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Establish a vocational education
zhi194624562815 2019-03-22

Recently, the StateCouncil prints National Vocational Education Reform Implementation PlanNotice, made the development of educational reform come to a new journey.

In an exclusiveinterview with the China Economic Times reporter, Han Fengqin, director andresearcher of the Center for Education and Research of the Chinese Academy ofFiscal Science, said that in general, the "program" has a high andaccurate positioning, new ideas and practical measures.pre galvanized steel tube

High position

Han Fengqin saidthat the "Program" is a vocational education from the overallperspective of national economic and social development. Comrade Xi Jinpingpointed out that "vocational education is an important part of thenational education system and human resources development", and itundertakes the important responsibility of cultivatingdiverse talents, inheriting technical skills, and promoting employment andentrepreneurship. Vocational education has both economic and social attributes,is the talent base for economic and social development.

At present, thelack of highly skilled talent has seriously restricted China's high qualitydevelopment. According to data from the Ministry of Human Resources and SocialSecurity, there are only 47 million high-skilled talent in China, check hereaccountingfor only 6% of the total employed. From the perspective of market supply anddemand, in recent years, the demand rate of skilled workers has remained above1.5, and the rate of seeking for senior technicians has even reached 2 or more.The contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent. From aninternational perspective, the proportion of high-skilled talents in China isnot only behind developed countries, but also below the world average(30%-50%).

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