Invite Investment
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"Actually, this is a bribe." ASeattle congressman expressed solidarity with the rebels in New York City."Over the years, we have been forced to bribe big companies in exchangefor development."Galvanized Steel Tube

In fact, the investment-for-development isquite popular in this downturn. Former US President Barack Obama has launched astimulus bill aimed at creating jobs and boosting economic development withbillions of dollars in investment. In Amazon's massive"marriage-seeking", the competing city will not hesitate to retainhim in the way of paying money to the "God of Wealth", and thepromised tax reduction is up to 7 billion US dollars.

At this time, in the chaotic of half a NewYork, Amazon quit suddenly, the virtual buildings were disappeared from theLong Island City. The budget director of New York’s government sighed thatmissed 25 thousands job opportunities and 27 billion dollars.check here The voice ofabuse are continuing on the social network. Some reviewer think that comparewith the value they have created, these tax breaks are doesn’t matter, andothers still have optimistic expectation thinks that New York successfullyresisted the entering of the large enterprises can alert the future Internetgiants when they want to enter in the city, and supervise and urge them toparticipate in the local affairs to contribute to the city construction.

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