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The Cultural Heritage
yashimou8452 2019-03-15

Foreign protection and use of culturalrelics are treated differently. For example, Italy is divided into four levels,and the protection requirements for architectural art products with greathistorical value are very strict. The lower level of appearance can not bechanged, but the structure can be updated, and the lower one can change theroom, which is convenient for reasonable use. The United Kingdom divides the ''registered building'' into three levels,with the first level accounting for 2%, the second level accounting for 4%, andthe third level accounting for 94%. The protection requirements for the firstand second levels are strict, and the third level can be used for internalchanges. Although the strict protection is only 6%, the proportion is notlarge, but the absolute number is still 30,000. The alteration and utilizationof foreign cultural relics buildings are ingenious and commendable. However,the requirements for different cultural relics in different countries and agesare different: France and Italy are stricter, the United States and Canada arelooser; before the 1970s, they were looser and later stricter. In addition,they have a strict censorship system for the protection and utilization ofcultural relics. For example, France has to pass a small number of ''national architects'' to review and approve,and the UK must be reviewed by specialized associations, so that it can takecare of protection and utilization two aspects.schedule 80 steel pipes

The earliest legislation to protecthistorical districts is France, which stipulates that valuable historicalblocks will be designated as ''historical protected areas'', and plans for protection and continued use will be formulated andincorporated into the strict management of urban planning. The buildings in theprotected area shall not be arbitrarily demolished. The maintenance andreconstruction shall be guided by the ''National Architect''. The repairs that meet the requirements may be subsidized by thestate and enjoy certain tax reduction and exemption. There are 92 state-levelprotected areas in France and hundreds of local protected areas. Since theobject of protection here is a living and in-check hereuse block, its protection policyand protection of cultural relics are very different.

The United Kingdom enacted the UrbanCivilization Act in 1967, which stipulates the protection of "regions withspecial architectural art and historical features." The firstconsideration is the ''group value'' of the region, including the architectural group, the outdoorspace, the street form and even the old trees. The size of the protected areasvaries from the center of the ancient city to the square, as well astraditional residential areas, streets and villages. This decree requires thecity planning department to develop protection plans to propose protectionprovisions. The buildings in the protected area cannot be arbitrarilydemolished. The new construction and reconstruction must be submitted inadvance with detailed plans, and the design must conform to the characteristicsof the area. The decree also stipulates that various forms of redevelopment insuch areas are discouraged. Due to these special protection requirements, therequirements for sunshine, fire prevention, building density, etc. specified byother regulations can be flexibly controlled in the protection zone.

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