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This Ancient City: Philadelphia
yashimou8452 2019-03-25

Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in theUnited States, is located on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania and has ahistory of more than 300 years. Located in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania,Steel Metalit is the center of the Delaware River Valley Metropolitan Area. The cityextends from the Delaware River to the west of the Schuyl River, with an areaof 334 km2. Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historiccities in the United States. It was the capital of the United States before thecity was established in Washington from 1890 to 1800, and therefore has a veryimportant position in American history. Known as the City of Friendship,Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, just acrossthe river from New Jersey; the fifth largest city in the United States, secondonly to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston; the PhiladelphiaMetropolitan Area is the fourth largest metropolis in the United States, secondonly to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. It is strategically located about160 kilometers northeast from New York and about 220 kilometers southwest fromthe capital city of Washington.

During the American Revolutionary War,Philadelphia was the birthplace of the American Revolution, and many historicevents took place here: two continental conferences were held here in 1774 and1775, and The Declaration of Independence was signed here on July 4,1776, 1787 The first US constitution was born here. From 1790 to 1800, Philadelphiawas once the capital of the United States, where President George Washingtonwas sworn in. Philadelphia is known as the cradle of the United States ofAmerica. Today, Philadelphia has a well-preserved historical site that recordsthis glorious history: the Independence Palace, the Liberty Bell, the NationalIndependence Historical Park, the Independence Avenue, and the Franklin Museum.Among the buildings, the most famous one is the ''Independence Palace''. This is a two-story old red brick buildingwith milky white doors and windows, a milky white minaret, and a large clock inbetween the main house and the tower. It is in this unpretentious building thatthe Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were born. The"Freedom Bell" which near the "Independence Palace" is asymbol of American independence.check here

On July 4, 1776, with the loud bell, theDeclaration of Independence was first published to the world. On April 16,1783, the bell of the "Freedom Bell" declared the victory of theAmerican Revolution. Since then, every US National Day (July 4th) has to ringthe bell that symbolizes American independence. This clock was cast in London,England, about one meter high and weighed about 943 kilograms. It was shippedto Philadelphia in 1752. The main sightseeing spots are concentrated in the artdistrict and historical district, while the hotels and shopping centers are inthe central area. The north-south road starts from the Drava River and is namedafter the numbers 1st, 2nd, etc. Philadelphia is a city that can be completedon foot. It is an ideal trip for a day in the historical district and two daysin the art district.

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