the New AI development
yashimou8452 2019-03-27

The whole initiative can not help but thinkabout it. China's advanced development in the field of artificial intelligencehas attracted the attention of the United States. Some of the current analysisgenerally believe that China is competing with the United States for dominancein the field of artificial intelligence. China is recognized as an importantplayer in the field of artificial intelligence in the world. Authoritativeanalysis pointed out that the subtle changes in the share of the AI industrybetween China and the United States, the global share of the AI industry hasgradually declined, and the proportion of China continues to rise, includingthe AI released by CB Insights in recent days. In the 2019 report, 6 of theworld's 100 most promising AI startup companies are Chinese companies. Thenumber of companies with the dollar unicorn rank has also grown to 11companies, of which Shang Tang has been on the throne with a valuation of 4.5billion US dollars. In the financing amount, the top two are handled by China’sShang Tang and Despising. The third place is Zymergen from Silicon Valley.square steel pipe supplier

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence willbecome the biggest part in the world in the next decade.check here In 2019, Chineseartificial intelligence will also enter a key development year, especially withthe global attention to artificial intelligence, we are off to a brand newsmart horizon.

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