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Development of quality education
yashimou8452 2019-03-29

‘‘General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward"six efforts" at the National Education Conference. This is the mostincisive discussion on the content of quality education in the new era. Firstly,work hard to strengthen ideals and convictions. Education guides students toestablish the ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics, and is determined to shoulder the important task of nationalrejuvenation. click here The second is to study hard on the patriotism, let the spirit ofpatriotism firmly rooted in the hearts of the students, and educate and guidestudents to love and support the Chinese Communist Party. The third is to workhard to strengthen moral cultivation. Education guides students to nurture andpractice the core values of socialism, and be a person with great love andgreat feelings. The fourth is to work hard to increase knowledge, and to guidestudents to cherish their learning time and to ask for knowledge. The fifth isto work hard to cultivate the spirit of struggle. Education guides students toestablish high-minded ambitions, dare to take responsibility, be brave instruggle, be healthy and promising, and strive for self-improvement. The sixthis to work hard to enhance the overall quality. Education guides students tocultivate innovative thinking, humanistic qualities, labor concepts,professionalism, and has a sound body and good psychological quality.’’

With the development of the times, I have anew understanding of quality education. Quality education is actually aimed atcultivating students' comprehensive qualities in all aspects. steel square bar On the basis ofpaying attention to the cultivation of students' ideological and moralqualities, they cultivate and cultivate their children's abilities,individuality and healthy body and mind, thus developing students' potentialand promoting students' true development, let our young people become newcomersof the times who can find problems, solve problems, and have a strong sense ofresponsibility, and be a people who have positive, calm, healthy and upwardself-cultivation and accomplishment. The quality education in the new era paysmore attention to the survival, life and the life of children and adolescents,and gives energy to accompany their life.

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