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Cultivate "Programming Thinking"
beitaoke0021 2019-03-19

In the past few years, children'sprogramming in the United States can't just be described as "hot".Before that, Obama also advocated a promotion in various programmingconferences. Now it is no longer necessary to push it because it is basicallylike reading and mathematics. Become a compulsory basic subject for children.Many of the better school districts offer programming classes from the lowergrades of primary schools and even preschools. The various classes ofafter-school classes and programming clubs are also very popular.astm a106 b

In 2006, Professor Jeannette Marie Wing ofCarnegie Mellon University proposed that "everyone needs to developprogramming thinking." She believes that programming thinking is the basicskill of everyone. It should not be only a computer scientist. In addition toreading, writing and mathematics, we should add programming thinking to eachchild's ability to cultivate. In 2013, an article on the Stanford UniversitySchool of Education website "Learning to code isn'tenough", re-emphasizes the importance of children's learning programming,not just learning to write code, the more important is to cultivate programmingthinking.

—that is, solvingproblems.

Frame design thinking

To write a software, you need to designfirst, and build the structure. To write a program, you also need to have ageneral framework. This kind of high-rise planning and overall planningthinking is used in almost any study and work project;

Big problem dismantling thinking

A complicated problem, it seems that thereis no idea, the programmer needs to disassemble it into a simple problem, andthen break through one by one. This is similar to many things in our lives. Forexample, a child planning a birthday party sounds like a huge task, but onlyneeds to "disassemble", such as determining how many guests toinvite, what food to buy, and what programs hold in the party... This is easyto do.check here

Functional thinking

The programmer usually writes and storesthe operation process that will be reused as a function, and calls it directlywhen needed. The input parameters can be changed according to the scene andpreconditions of the call, we don’t need rewriting each time. The template thatwe usually use in our daily work and life is actually applying the"functional thinking". If you need it, you can use it directly. Youdon't have to start from scratch every time, "starting from scratch."

There are many others, such as abstraction,looping, and concurrency... Simply put, developing a child's programmingthinking is to develop his ability to understand problems and find solutions toproblems.

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