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A Historical Cultural City
beitaoke0021 2019-03-25

Chiang Mai is known as the Northern ThaiRose cause its beauty and roses. The handicrafts are famous all over thecountry and are exported to foreign countries. They are the political, economicand cultural education center in northern Thailand and the second largest cityin Thailand. 700 kilometers away from Bangkok, it is located in the plateaubasin at an altitude of 300 meters. Surrounded bymountains, the clear riverside passes through the urban area, the climate iscool, the monuments are numerous, the business is prosperous, the folk customsare simple, the transportation is convenient, and the facilities are matched.It is a famous summer tourism in Southeast Asia. At the resort, there aremillions of tourists visiting the city every year.

Chiang Mai is the ancient capital ofThailand, a famous historical and cultural city, built in 1296. As the capitalof Lanna Thai, until 1556, it has been a religious, cultural and commercialcenter of Thailand,galvanized steel pipe supplier and most of its built cities have survived to this day. Thecity gates at the four corners, the moats around the city, and the high-risewooden buildings in northern Thailand are all vivid. After experiencingexpansion, Chiang Mai now has a city area of 40 square kilometers, a total areaof 20,107 square kilometers, a population of 1.5 million, and an administrativearea divided into 22 districts. 

The golden age of Chiang Mai was during thereign of King Tirokara. He built Wat Chet Yot, completed Wat Chedi Luang, andheld the eighth World Buddhist Conference in Chayou Temple in 1455. The culturebrought to the heyday. The foreigners who have been pouring in here in moderntimes are due to the fact that Chiang Mai is a Thai handicraft center. Handmadeumbrellas, jewellery (especially silverware) and wood carvings are well knownboth at home and abroad. Chiang Mai is located in the mountainous area,surrounded by mountains, and the Ping River passes through the city. check hereThe earlyforeign trade was carried out through the waterway.

Through this trade route, goods from Chinaand Myanmar will be sent to the Gulf of Siam. The valleys here are wide, theland is fertile, and the grain is rich, so the history of the Lanna Kingdom wasvery prosperous in history, and Chiang Mai once became the center of politicsand economy. Today's Chiang Mai has a population of nearly 1.5 million people,covering an area of 20,107 square kilometers, but most of the tourists are onlyvisiting the ancient city of Chiang Mai and its suburbs, which covers an areaof 360 square kilometers in the west of Chiang Mai. At the 310-meter-high basinof Chiang Mai City, the religion, culture, economy, education andtransportation in the north are all centered on it. It has a unique sense oftime and space with Bangkok. Bangkok is dazzling and busy, and Chiang Mai issimple. Leisurely, it is the most fascinating city in Thailand.

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