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Development of education
beitaoke0021 2019-03-29

It is worth noting that labor education hasbeen re-established as an important part of comprehensive developmenteducation. In the new era,Steel Wire what kind of labor concept should we help youngpeople establish? How to establish a sound labor education system?

‘‘In the era of artificial intelligence,the form of labor has changed, but labor education will never be outdated. Tocultivate a correct view of labor is to let young people advocate labor,respect labor, know the most glorious work, the highest labor, the greatestlabor, click here the most beautiful work, the hard work, the honest labor, the creativelabor, and the awe of the profession attitude, the style of excellence and thespirit of craftsmanship. To establish a sound labor education system, firstly,implement labor education in the course teaching, cultivate labor concepts andattitudes in the teaching of arts and sciences, and train hands-on operationand labor skills in team activities. The second is to carry out labor educationin the school's labor, and promote students to learn the division of labor,mutual assistance and responsibility. The third is to extend the labor educationspace in the practice of off-campus, so that students can recognize,experience, discover, explore and operate. The fourth is to cultivate theconcept of labor in housework, and to participate in housework to gainexperience, feel fun, cultivate attitudes, and improve abilities.’’

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