Futures contract privacy policy
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Chapter 1 Platform Services

the first

The platform services in this agreement are services provided toindividual members by Futures contract (hereinafter collectively referred to as the"Platform"). The specific services mainly include: transactioninformation release, transaction management service provision, customer serviceprovision, etc. The content of the service shall prevail.


In order to protect your rights andinterests, you must carefully read and fully understand all the terms of thisservice agreement before you voluntarily register to use the service. Uponregistration or use of the Platform Services, it is deemed to be a fullunderstanding and acceptance of this Service Agreement. If any legalconsequences result from a violation, you will be solely responsible for thelegal liability in your own name.

Article 3

During the performance of this agreement,the platform may modify this service agreement according to the situation. Oncethe content of this service agreement changes, the platform will announce thelatest service agreement and will not make individual notifications toindividual members. Individual members have the right to stop using theplatform services if the individual member does not agree to the changes madeto the service agreement by the platform. If an individual member continues touse the Platform Services, it is deemed that the individual member accepts themodifications made by the Platform to the Service Agreement and shall complywith the modified Agreement.

Article 4

The platform for individual membernotifications and any other agreements, notices or other notices regarding theuse of member accounts and services by individual members, individual membersagree that the platform can be electronically or through a platformannouncement, email, SMS, wireless communication device, etc. The delivery ofthe letter, etc., is deemed to have been delivered to the recipient on the dateof delivery. The platform shall not be liable for any failure of individualmembers to receive such notice on the date of the issuance of the above noticedue to information transmission and other reasons.

The fifth

The platform may temporarily stopproviding, restricting or changing the platform services according to itsjudgment. As long as the individual members still use the platform services, itmeans that the individual members still agree to the service agreement.

Chapter II Individual Members

Article 6

The individual members of the platformrefer to natural persons who have the full civil rights and civil capacity inaccordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China and are able to bearcivil liability independently. Individual members must first register on theplatform before using the platform service.

Article 7

Individual members promise the following:

1. Individual members must provide real,up-to-date, valid and complete information about individual members inaccordance with the requirements of the platform.

2. Individual members are obligated tomaintain and update the information of individual members to ensure that theyare true, up-to-date, valid and complete. If an individual member provides anyerror, false, outdated or incomplete information, or the platform suspects thatthe information is wrong, false, outdated or incomplete based on itsindependent judgment, the platform has the right to suspend or terminate themember account of the individual member and refuse the individual member. Usesome or all of the features of the platform service. In this case, the Platformassumes no responsibility and the individual member agrees to bear any director indirect any expense or loss arising therefrom.

3. If an individual member fails to updatethe basic information in time, resulting in any error in the provision orprovision of the platform service, the individual member may not use this as areason for canceling the transaction or refusing to pay, and the platform shallnot bear any responsibility, and all consequences shall be borne by theindividual. Member bears.

Chapter III Contents of Platform Services


The platform service content mainlyincludes publishing transaction information, providing transaction managementservices, providing customer services, etc. according to the needs ofindividual members. The specific details are based on the services provided bythe platform at that time. Part of the platform service requires individualmembers to complete identity authentication and bank card certificationaccording to the platform requirements. Individual members who have notauthenticated and/or bank card certification will not be able to use theplatform services. The platform does not assume any responsibility for the lossof platform services due to failure to complete the certification.

Article 9

The platform will provide informationpublishing services for individual members. The various information andmaterials provided by the platform to individual members are for referenceonly, and individual members should make decisions based on their independentjudgment. If an individual member conducts a transaction based on this, theindividual risks shall be borne by the individual member, and the individual membershall not be entitled to make any legal claims to the platform accordingly. Inthe course of the transaction, disputes between individual members shall beresolved by the parties themselves, and the platform shall not bear anyresponsibility.

Article 10

The platform will provide the followingtransaction management services for individual members:

1. Individual members will generate anindividual member account when registering on the platform. The individualmember account will record the activities of the individual member on theplatform. The above individual member account is the only account of theindividual member login platform.

2. The individual member guarantees andpromises that the source of funds for trading through the platform is legal.

3. Individual members confirm that thestatus of the transaction confirmed by the individual member on the platformaccording to the platform service process will become the platform for theindividual member to conduct related transactions or operations (including butnot limited to payment or collection of funds, freezing of funds, contracting,etc.) Irrevocable instructions. Individual members agree that the executiontime of the relevant instructions is based on the time when the platformperforms the actual operation in the platform system. Individual Members agreethat the Platform has the right to deal with related matters in accordance withthe Agreement and/or the relevant dispute resolution rules of the Platform. Theindividual member is responsible for any disputes or losses caused by theindividual member's failure to timely modify, confirm or fail to submit therelevant application. The platform does not assume any responsibility.

4. Individual members understand that theplatform is not a bank or financial institution. According to Chinese law, theplatform does not provide “instant” amount transfer service, and individualmembers agree that the platform does not assume any responsibility for delaysin the payment of funds.

5. Individual members understand and agreethat the Platform provides services to eligible individual members. Theplatform does not assume any responsibility for transactions such asinvestment, transfer, transfer, etc. on the platform. The platform cannot anddoes not have the obligation to ensure that individual members can actuallyobtain loans or invest successfully after issuing the loan offer or investmentintention. The losses caused by the reasons (including but not limited tolosses of interest, handling fees, etc.) are borne by the individual membersand the platform is not responsible.

6. When an individual member makes atransaction or accepts a transaction through the platform, the platform doesnot assume any responsibility if the individual member fails to comply with theoperating instructions in the terms of the service agreement or the tradingrules published by the platform. If the above situation occurs and the fundshave been transferred to the individual member account, the individual memberagrees that the platform has the right to deduct the money directly from therelevant individual member account and prohibit the individual member fromrequesting payment of the payment. If the money has been transferred to thebank account of the individual member, the individual member agrees that theplatform has the right to reclaim the individual member after the event, andthe resulting recourse costs are borne by the individual member.

7. The platform has the right to setrelated matters related to the transaction from time to time based ontransaction security and other considerations, including but not limited totransaction limits, transaction times, etc. Individual members who understandthe aforementioned settings of the platform may cause certain inconvenience to thetransaction. no disagreement.

8. If the platform finds a processing errordue to a system failure or any other reason, the platform has the right tocorrect the error, whether it is beneficial to the platform or beneficial toindividual members. If the error causes the individual member to actuallyreceive more money than is due, the platform reserves the right to correct theimproperly executed transaction regardless of the nature and cause of theerror, and the individual member should correct the error to the individualmember based on the platform. The specific requirements of the notice arereturned for overpayment or other operations. Individual members understand andagree that any payment or overpayment by an individual member for the above-mentionedprocessing errors shall not be subject to interest, and the Platform shall notbe liable for any loss or liability resulting from the aforementionedprocessing error (including the interest that the individual member may besubject to the aforementioned error, Exchange rate and other losses).

Article 11

The platform will provide the followingcustomer services to individual members:

1. Bank card certification: For therecharge, cash withdrawal, withholding and other services provided by the bankor third party agency entrusted by the platform or platform, individual membersshall submit a valid bank debit card registered in the name of the individualmember in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the platform. After theinformation is approved by the platform, the platform will bind the individualmember's account with the aforementioned bank account. If an individual memberfails to submit relevant information in accordance with the platformrequirements, or the submitted information is incorrect, false, outdated orincomplete, or the platform has reasonable grounds to suspect that theinformation submitted by the individual member is wrong, false, outdated orincomplete, the platform has the right to refuse Individual members providebank card certification services, and individual members are therefore unableto bear the losses caused by recharging, cash withdrawal, and withholdingservices.

2. Recharge: Individual members can use theplatform to specify funds to fill the member account for trading through theplatform. The funds in the individual member account do not include interest.

3. Collection/Payment: The platformprovides collection/paying services according to the functions that theplatform is open to individual members at the time, and entrusts banks orthird-party organizations to collect accounts of third-party individual memberssuch as guarantee companies of other members or platforms. Payment of principaland interest, compensation, and other types of payments, or payment of funds inindividual member accounts to other parties designated by individual members.The platform does not guarantee that the aforementioned services provided arein line with the expectations of individual members.

4. Cash withdrawal: Individual members can transferfunds from individual member accounts to certified bank card accounts throughthe cash withdrawal function that is open at the time of the platform. Afterreceiving the above instructions from individual members, the platform willtransfer the corresponding funds to the individual member's certified bank cardaccount through the bank or third party organization as soon as possible(depending on the bank provided by the individual member, the difference inimport time will be generated. ).

5. Query: The platform will record alloperations of the individual member on the platform, regardless of whether thepurpose of the operation is ultimately achieved. Individual members can checkthe transaction records under the member account name in real time through themember account. The individual member understands and agrees that the servicethat the individual member finally receives is provided by the bankcorresponding to the certified bank card of the individual member, and needs tobe verified by the bank. Individual Members understand and agree that anyinformation that is queried through the Platform is for information purposesonly and is not to be used as evidence or basis for related operations ortransactions; if there is any inconsistency between such information and thePlatform Records, the written records provided by the Platform shall prevail.

Individual members understand that theabove recharge, collection/payment and cash withdrawal services involvecooperation between the platform and third parties such as banks, guaranteecompanies and third-party payment institutions.

Individual members agree:

(a) Limited by the reasons for the factthat the third party, such as a bank, a guarantee company or a third-partypayment institution, only withholds and transfers the funds on the working day,the platform does not make any commitment to the time for the payment of theaforementioned services. Does not assume responsibility for this, including butnot limited to the resulting loss of interest, currency depreciation, etc.;

(b) The use of the aforementioned servicesby an individual member means that the individual member irrevocably authorizesthe platform to perform the relevant operations, and such operations areirreversible, and the individual member cannot refuse to pay or requestcancellation of the transaction for any reason. For the aforementionedservices, the platform will not charge the individual members for the timebeing, but the individual members should pay the fees to the third parties inaccordance with the provisions of the third party. For details, please refer tothe relevant information of the third party website. Disputes or disputesarising from the payment of fees with third parties are not related to theplatform.

6. Each time an individual member uses theplatform service, he should log in to the platform directly or use the linkprovided by the platform to log in to the platform instead of logging in viaemail or other website. Each time an individual member calls the platformcustomer, they should call the customer service phone provided by the officialwebsite of the platform instead of making any other calls.

7. Individual Members agree that thePlatform has the right to place various commercial advertisements or any other typeof commercial information (including but not limited to advertising on any pageof the Platform) in various ways during the provision of the Platform Services,and individual members. Agree to accept the platform to send merchandisepromotions or other relevant business information to individual members viaemail or other means.

Article 12

The platform will provide the followingcontract management services for individual members:

1. The contract to be concluded on theplatform transaction shall be electronically contracted. After an individualmember uses the member account to log in to the platform, according to therelevant rules of the platform, the electronic contract signed by the memberaccount ID on the platform by click confirmation or the like is regarded as thecontract of the individual member's true will and signed in the name of theindividual member. legal validity. Individual members should properly keepaccount information such as their account passwords. The electronic contractsconcluded by individual members through the foregoing methods are legallybinding on the parties to the contract. Individual members may not use accountinformation such as account passwords for other purposes. The validity of thecontract or the failure to perform the relevant obligations in accordance withthe contract.

2. Individual members may not modify thecontract without authorization after signing the electronic contract inaccordance with this agreement and the relevant rules of the platform. The platformprovides individual members with a record, review, and verification service forelectronic contracts. For example, if there is any doubt about the authenticityof the electronic contract or the content of the electronic contract, theindividual member can check by using the “view contract” function of theplatform. In case of any dispute, the contract recorded by the platform shallprevail.

3. Individual members may not copy andfalsify electronic contracts or seals signed on the platform, and may not useforged contracts to swindle or swindle or use other illegal uses, otherwise theindividual members shall bear the responsibility.

Article 13

1. In any case, the responsibility for theuse of the platform services by individual members in connection with theprovision of related services by third parties shall be borne by the thirdparty and the platform shall not be liable. The situation in which the platformis not responsible includes but is not limited to:

(1) Any loss or liability caused by a thirdparty such as a bank or a third party payment institution that fails to operatein accordance with individual members and/or platform instructions;

(2) Any loss or liability caused by thefailure of the funds to arrive in time or fail to arrive due to third partiessuch as banks and third-party payment institutions;

(3) Any loss or liability caused byrestrictions on the transaction limit or number of times by third parties suchas banks and third-party payment institutions;

(4) Any loss or liability resulting fromthe actions or causes of other third parties.

2. Any loss or liability caused by theindividual member's own reasons shall be the responsibility of the individualmember and the platform shall not be liable. The situation in which theplatform is not responsible includes but is not limited to:

(1) Any loss or liability resulting fromthe operation of an individual member in accordance with any rules published bythis Agreement or the Platform from time to time;

(2) Loss or liability caused by the bankcard used by the individual member, including the use of an uncertified bankcard by an individual member or the use of a non-personal member's bank card orthe use of a credit card, the individual member's bank card is frozen, reportedloss Any loss or liability resulting from such;

(3) Any loss or liability caused by theindividual member's instruction information sent to the platform is not clear,or there are ambiguities, incompleteness, etc.;

(4) Any loss or liability resulting frominsufficient balance in the individual member's account;

(5) Any other loss or liability caused byindividual members.

Chapter IV Risk Warning

Article 14

Individual members understand andacknowledge that any transaction through the Platform does not prevent theoccurrence of the following risks, and the Platform cannot and is not obligatedto be responsible for the following risks:

1. Macroeconomic risks: Due to changes inthe macroeconomic situation, it may cause abnormal fluctuations in prices,etc., and individual members may suffer losses;

2. Policy risk: Changes in relevant laws,regulations and related policies and rules may cause abnormal fluctuations inprices, etc. Individual members have May suffer losses;

3. Default risk: Individual members maysuffer losses due to the inability or willingness of other parties to performon time and in full;

4. Interest rate risk: Changes in marketinterest rates may have an impact on the actual proceeds of the purchase orholding of the product;

5. Risks caused by force majeure factors;

6. Any loss caused by the fault of anindividual member, including but not limited to: mistakes in decision-making,improper operation, forgotten or leaked passwords, passwords being cracked byothers, computer systems used by individual members are invaded by thirdparties, and individual members entrust others Loss caused by malicious orimproper operation of others during the transaction.

Article 15

The Platform does not provide any warrantyor condition, express, implied or statutory, to any individual member and/orany transaction.

Article 16

The above does not reveal the full risks ofindividual members trading through the platform and the entire situation of themarket. Individual members should fully understand the relevant transactions, makecareful decisions, and bear all risks at their own discretion before making atrading decision.

Chapter V Service Fees

Article 17

When an individual member uses the platformservice, the platform charges the individual member for the relevant service fee.For details of the service fees, please refer to the description of thecharging methods listed on the platform when individual members use theplatform services. The platform reserves the right to unilaterally develop andadjust service fees.

Article 18

Individual members may need to pay acertain fee to a third party (such as a bank or a third-party payment company)in the process of using the platform service (such as recharging or cashwithdrawal, etc.). For details, please refer to the relevant pages of thethird-party website or the platform. .

Chapter VI Account Security and Management

Article 19

Individual members understand and agreethat it is the responsibility of individual members to ensure theconfidentiality of member accounts and passwords. Individual members will befully responsible for all actions and statements made using the member'saccount and password, and agree to the following:

1. Individual members do not discloseaccounts or passwords to anyone else, nor can they use any other person'saccount or password. The platform does not assume any responsibility for theillegal use of the member account of an individual member due to non-platformreasons such as hacking, virus or personal member's custody.

2. The platform identifies the individualmember's instructions through the individual member's member account andpassword. The individual member confirms that all the actions on the platformafter logging in using the individual member account and password represent theindividual member. The electronic information records generated by theoperation of the member account are valid credentials of the individualmember's behavior, and the individual members themselves bear all theresponsibilities arising therefrom.

3. If the account and password of anotherperson are fraudulently used, the platform and its legally authorized subjectreserve the right to pursue the joint liability of the actual user.

4. Individual members should create asecure password based on the relevant rules of the platform and the relevanttips of the platform. Avoid avoiding words or dates that are too obvious, suchas the name, nickname or birthday of an individual member.

Article 20

If an individual member discovers that athird person has fraudulently used or stolen an individual member account andpassword, or any other circumstances that are not legally authorized, he or sheshould immediately notify the platform in an effective manner and request theplatform to suspend the related service. Otherwise, all responsibility arisingtherefrom shall be Individual members bear the responsibility. At the sametime, individual members understand that the platform takes a reasonable periodof time to act on individual members' requests. Prior to this, the platform doesnot assume any responsibility for the losses caused by the use of the serviceby third parties.

Article 21

When an individual member decides to nolonger use the member account, he should first settle all the payables(including but not limited to the loan principal, interest, penalty interest,liquidated damages, service fees, management fees, etc.), and then theavailable funds in the member account ( If all) cash out or issue other legalpayment instructions to the platform, and apply to the platform to freeze themember account, the member account can be officially cancelled after approvalby the platform.

If a member dies or is declared dead, hisrights and obligations under this agreement shall be borne by his successor. Ifa member loses all or part of his or her civil rights or civil capacity, theplatform or its authorized entity has the right to dispose of the moneyassociated with the member's account in accordance with an effective legalinstrument (including but not limited to an effective court decision, etc.) orits legal guardian's instructions.

Article 22

The Platform has the right to suspend,suspend or terminate the provision of all or part of the Member Services(including fee-based services) under this Agreement to individual members withoutnotice, in the event of a unilateral independent judgment, without prejudice.The registration materials will be removed or deleted without any liability toindividual members or any third parties. The foregoing scenarios include butare not limited to:

1. The Platform considers that the personaldata provided by an individual member is not authentic, valid or complete;

2. When the platform discovers an abnormaltransaction or has doubts or is illegal;

3. The platform considers that theindividual member account is suspected of money laundering, cashing, pyramidschemes, fraudulent use or other platforms that consider it risky;

4. The Platform believes that individualmembers have violated the various rules and spirits set forth in thisAgreement;

5. Individual members fail to pay thecorresponding service fees to the platform when using the platform chargingservice;

6. The individual member account has notbeen actually used for three consecutive years and the balance in the accountis zero;

7. The platform shall, based on itstransaction security and other reasons, suspend, suspend or terminate theprovision of all or part of the member services (including fee-based services)under this Agreement to individual members, and remove or delete the registrationmaterials. situation.

Article 23

The individual member agrees that theplatform has the right to terminate the provision of the member account servicewithout prior notice if necessary, and may immediately suspend, close or deletethe individual member account and all relevant materials and files in themember account.

Article 24

Individual members agree that thesuspension, interruption or termination of a member's account does notrepresent the termination of the individual member's liability. Individualmembers shall still be liable for possible breach of contract or damages duringthe use of the platform service, and the platform may retain relevantinformation of the individual member.

Chapter VII Member's Obligation andCommitment

Article 25

Individual members undertake not to use thePlatform Services for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way, and arecommitted to comply with all relevant Chinese laws, regulations and allinternational practices using the Internet, and to comply with all networkprotocols, rules and procedures related to platform services.

Article 26

Individual members agree and warrant thatthey shall not use the Platform Services to engage in acts that infringe uponthe rights or interests of others, and that any violations shall be subject toall legal liabilities. The above actions include but are not limited to:

1. Oppose the basic principles establishedby the Constitution, endangering national security, leaking state secrets,subverting state power, and undermining national unity.

2. Infringe on the reputation, privacy,trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, other intellectual propertyrights and other rights of others.

3. Violation of the confidentialityobligations under the law or contract.

4. Use platform services in the name ofothers.

5. Engage in any unlawful transaction, suchas the sale of firearms, drugs, drugs, pirated software or other prohibiteditems.

6. Provide gambling information or enticeothers to participate in gambling in any way.

7. Suspected of money laundering, cashingor pyramid schemes.

8. Engage in any behavior that may containa computer virus or may infringe the platform service system, materials, etc.

9. Use the Platform Services System toconduct actions that may adversely affect the proper functioning of theInternet or the mobile network.

10. Infringement of the commercialinterests of the Platform, including but not limited to the issuance ofcommercials that are not licensed by the Platform.

11. Use Platform Services to upload,display or disseminate false, harassing, libelous, abusive, intimidating,vulgar, obscene or any other illegal information.

12. Other platforms have legitimate reasonsto believe that they are inappropriate.

Article 27

The platform retains the right to deleteall types of information in the platform that do not comply with legal policiesor are untrue or inappropriate, without the need to notify members, and doesnot assume any responsibility. If an individual member fails to comply with theabove requirements, the platform has the right to make independent judgmentsand take measures such as suspending or closing the member's account withoutany liability.

Article 28

Individual Member agrees that any thirdparty may or may not be a third party due to a violation of this Agreement byan individual member, or a document that is incorporated by reference andincorporated as part of this Agreement, or because the individual member usesthe Platform Services in violation of any law or third party rights. Any compensationapplication or request (including attorney fees) initiated by the individualmember will fully compensate the platform and its affiliates, partners,directors and employees and will not be harmed.

Article 29

Individual members promise that the informationthey upload or post through the platform is true and effective, and anyinformation submitted to the platform is true, valid, complete, detailed andaccurate. If the user or the other users of the platform are lost due toviolation of the above commitments, the individual member will bear thecorresponding responsibility.

Chapter VIII Service interruption orfailure

Article 30

Individual members agree that, based on theparticularity of the Internet, the Platform does not warrant that the Serviceswill be uninterrupted and does not warrant the timeliness and/or security ofthe Services. The system is not responsible for individual members or thirdparties when the system is not functioning properly and the individual membersare unable to use any platform services or use any platform services. Theforegoing conditions include but are not limited to:

1. Platform system shutdown maintenanceperiod.

2. If the telecommunication equipmentfails, data transmission cannot be performed.

3. Platform service disruption or delay dueto hacking, technical adjustments or failures of network providers, websiteupgrades, banking issues, etc.

4. Due to force majeure factors such astyphoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, blackouts, wars, terrorist attacks,etc., platform system obstacles cannot perform business.

Chapter IX Responsibility Scope andLimitations

Article 31

No warranty is provided for any platformservices, including but not limited to the following:

1. Platform services will meet the needs ofindividual members.

2. Platform services will be uninterrupted,provided in a timely manner or free of errors.

3. Any products, services, information orother materials purchased or obtained by an individual member through thePlatform Services will meet the expectations of individual members.

Article 32

The quality and content of the servicesprovided by the partner units of the platform services shall be theresponsibility of the partner unit. The content of the Platform may involveother websites owned, controlled or operated by third parties (hereinafterreferred to as "Third Party Websites"). The Platform cannot guaranteeor be obligated to guarantee the authenticity and validity of any informationon the Third Party Website. Individual members confirm the use of third partywebsites in accordance with the service agreements of third party websites, andnot in accordance with this agreement. The third-party website is notrecommended or introduced by the platform. The content, products,advertisements and any other information of the third-party website are judgedby the individual members and bear the risk, and have nothing to do with theplatform. The downloading or obtaining of any information by an individualmember through the use of the platform service shall be considered by theindividual member and at his own risk, and any damage caused by the download ofthe data shall be borne by the individual member.

Article 33

The advice or information obtained by anindividual member from the platform and platform staff or via the platformservice, whether written or verbally, does not constitute any guarantee of theplatform for the platform service.

Article 34

The Platform does not guarantee theaccuracy, validity, security and integrity of external links set up to provideconvenience to individual members, and the Platform does not assume any contenton any web pages that such external links point to that are not actuallycontrolled by the Platform. Any responsibility.

Article 35

To the extent permitted by law, thePlatform is for all information, content, materials, products that are relatedto or arising from this Agreement, or that are provided to individual membersthrough the use of the Platform, or because of the inclusion or otherwisethrough the Platform ( Indirect, punitive, special, derivative losses(including, but not limited to, loss of business, loss of profits, loss ofprofits, loss of use of data or other economic benefits), including softwareand services, or purchases and use of the product. No matter how it isgenerated, whether it is caused by breach of contract (including breach ofwarranty) or infringement of this Agreement, it is not responsible for anyloss, even if it has been informed of the possibility of such loss. Inaddition, even if the exclusive remedies provided in this agreement do not meetits basic purpose, the responsibility of the platform for the above lossesshould be excluded.

Article 36

To the extent permitted by law, thePlatform provides all information relating to or arising out of or inconnection with this Agreement, or as a result of the use of the Platform, orbecause it is included or otherwise provided to an individual Member throughthe Platform, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement. In addition, inany case, the total liability of the Platform for breach of contract for thisAgreement shall not exceed the total amount of the current platform service feecharged to the individual member.

Chapter 10 Privacy Protection andAuthorization

Article 37

The platform will protect, use or disclosethe personal information collected by the individual members and collected bythe platform. The platform may transfer all or part of the rights andobligations related to the platform to the platform associated entity without theconsent of the individual member. Individual members may not assign any oftheir rights and obligations under this Agreement without the prior writtenconsent of the Platform.

Article 38

The platform may collect additionalinformation from individual members from public and private sources to betterunderstand individual membership, tailor-made platform services for individualmembers, resolve disputes and help ensure secure transactions on the platform.

Article 39

The platform automatically tracks certaininformation about individual members in accordance with the behavior ofindividual members on the platform. Without revealing the privacy informationof individual members, the platform has the right to analyze the entire memberdatabase and make commercial use of the member database.

Article 40

Individual members agree that the platformmay use data collection devices such as "Cookies" on certain webpages of the platform.

Article 41

Individual Members agree that the Platformmay use relevant information about individual members (including but notlimited to information held in the archives of individual members held by thePlatform, and the Platform may pass other information obtained from individualmembers' current and previous activities on the Platform and through thePlatform. Other means of self-collecting) to resolve disputes and mediatedisputes. Individual members agree that the platform can evaluate individualmembers' data through manual or automated procedures.

Article 42

The platform uses industry standardpractices to protect the information of individual members. Individual membersmay not maliciously sell or share the information to any third party for theperformance of the information provided to the platform by this agreement,except in the following cases:

1. Suppliers that provide independentservices and only require the necessary information related to the service,such as printing houses, postal companies, etc.;

2. Government departments or otherinstitutions that have the right to legally access information and accessinformation from legal channels, such as public security organs and courts;

3. The associated entity of the platform;

4. A third party approved by the PlatformUser or the Platform Authorized Representative.

Article 43

The platform is obliged to provide yourpersonal data to the judiciary and government departments in accordance withrelevant legal requirements. When an individual member fails to perform his orher obligations in accordance with the service agreement signed with theplatform or an agreement signed with other members of the platform, theplatform has the right to judge according to his own judgment or the othermembers of the transaction are required to disclose personal information andinformation of individual members and make comments. In case of seriousviolation of the relevant rules of the platform, the platform has the right toedit the personal information and information provided by the individualmembers and the personal members collected by the platform into the websiteblacklist, and disclose the blacklist to third parties, and the platform hasthe right to Submit or share your personal data and information collected bythe platform with any third party, so that the website and third parties cancollect overdue loans and review other applications, which may result in anyloss to you. Do not assume legal responsibility.

Chapter XI Protection of IntellectualProperty Rights

Article 44

All content on the platform, including butnot limited to works, pictures, archives, information, materials, platformarchitecture, platform screen arrangement, web design, are owned by theplatform or other rights holders, including but not limited to trademarkrights, Patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.

Article 45

No part of the Platform Program or Contentmay be used, modified, reproduced, publicly transmitted, altered, distributed,distributed, or published without the written consent of the Platform or otherrights holders.

Article 46

Respect for intellectual property rights isan obligation of individual members. If there is a violation, individualmembers should bear legal liabilities for damages.

Chapter XII Interpretation of Terms,Application of Law and Settlement of Disputes

Article 47

This agreement is signed by individualmembers and the platform and applies to all activities of individual members onthe platform. The contents of this Agreement include, but are not limited to,the terms of the agreement and the various rules that have been issued or maybe issued in the future. All terms and conditions are an integral part of theagreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement.

Article 48

This agreement does not involve legalrelationships and legal disputes between individual members and other membersof the platform due to online transactions. However, individual members herebyagree to fully accept and perform any electronic legal texts entered into withthe Platform's other members on the Platform and undertake to enjoy and/orwaive the corresponding rights, assume and/or waive the correspondingobligations in accordance with the Legal Text.

Article 49

If any provision of this Agreement iswholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it shall be consideredto be separate from this Agreement and may be as close as possible to theparties' intentions and capable of retaining the requirements of thisAgreement. The new terms of the economic purpose are replaced by effective newterms, and in this case, the other provisions of this agreement are still fullyvalid and binding.

Article 50

To the fullest extent permitted by law, thePlatform has the final right to interpret this Service Agreement.

Article 51

All matters relating to the validity ofthis Agreement and its amendments, and the performance of this Agreement andits amendments will be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China,and any dispute shall be governed only by the laws of the People's Republic ofChina.

Article 52

Any disputes or disputes between membersand the platform caused by this agreement shall first be settled throughfriendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the members hereby fully agreeto submit the dispute or dispute to the people's court where the jurisdictionof the platform is located to resolve the case.

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