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开学后我既秃了又弱了( ´・ᴗ・` ) 

后两张有点晃眼 滤镜开错了(x)


开学后我既秃了又弱了( ´・ᴗ・` ) 

后两张有点晃眼 滤镜开错了(x)

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to Mr Emerson!!(*´ω`*)🎂🎉


很抱歉我一直不出现,最近比较忙 ;~; 

Happy Birthday to Mr Emerson!!(*´ω`*)🎂🎉


很抱歉我一直不出现,最近比较忙 ;~; 


Reese the Killer - How to adjust a deal

In addition to a bit bitter,Kara’s tea is quite good.

This time’s business is inCincinnati, not long after the last time in Europe, Reese asked Kara, ”Wouldyou like to come together?”

“I’m afraid not this time, Markwas met with some acquaintances in the city, I have to stay and take care ofthe...

In addition to a bit bitter,Kara’s tea is quite good.

This time’s business is inCincinnati, not long after the last time in Europe, Reese asked Kara, ”Wouldyou like to come together?”

“I’m afraid not this time, Markwas met with some acquaintances in the city, I have to stay and take care ofthe Cincinnati business for the whole process. “

“Well, I’ll try to solve itasap.”

“Hey, John, you can do it all atyour rhythm, would I be more critical and always talking than that bald guy?” 

Said Kara, with a slightlyexaggerated expression showing on her face, which made Reese laugh, “Do I needto help taking care of the acquaintances of Mark?”

“Oh, leave him alone, maybethose acquaintances just want to give him a hair-planting.”


Reese returned to his apartment.Today is Friday, so Bear was taken out for a walk by Finch.

Reese called to book a flightfor himself, LaGuardia to Northern Kentucky. Umm, Kara is not quite the same asMark. Usually, Mark will arrange a ticket for Reese getting to destination ifReese has no specific care. As to Kara, she is obviously more willing to belazy. 

Finch sent Bear home atnightfall, and Reese told him that he’ll go out of town the next day for aboutone or two weeks. When Reese spoke, Finch had loosened the rope on Bear’scollar and Bear ran and roll to Reese’s feet cheerfully. Reese reached out topat Bear’s head and said, “Finch, come and take of Bear for the next few days,is it OK?”

 “OK, Mr. Reese, of course it is OK.”

Finch knew that Reese must havesome business to do. Even though he didn’t fully believe what his crazy nieceSamantha had said, he still had a feeling of fear in his heart,” God bless, Iwish there’s no similar accidental death happen again.“

Finch was distracted until Reesebegan to feed Bear, "Mr. Reese, I have fed Bear before we went out, Bearis a bit overweight these days, I think you’d better feed him less snacks,which is good for his health."

"Well, that's okay,"at the beginning, Reese didn’t think that he would listen to Finch'sdissuasion, but when he saw Bear's round belly, he put away the dog Danishpastry and squatted down again to pat the dog's head, "Bear, It seems thatyou have to live a healthy life for a week or two."

Reese's tone was quite gloating,which almost made Finch's face hot. He didn't expect to meet with Reese when hewalked Bear back, but this time he was so stupid that he forgot to sayanything, and he was stiff at the door. After a while, he heard Reese say, “Goto dinner together? There is a French restaurant three blocks away, which seemsthe style for particular people like you.”

"Oh, no, um, I mean thankyou, Mr. Reese, but I have a mess to deal with tonight."

Finally, Finch left the Reese’sapartment with a fluster.


The next day in LaGuardiaAirport, the flight Reese booked delayed enough to make everyone feel upset.More than this, a more annoying thing was that there was a weird guy who seemedto be at the same flight with Reese. At this moment, the guy was also waitingfor the plane in the lounge. He sat on the right hand side of Reese, separatedby a seat, and then probed and came over. "Hey, man, it’s a bit too late,but this is life, always full of surprises, isn't it?"

Reese has no habit of chattingwith strangers, so he didn’t even look up, but the annoying man was notconscious for this at all. He sat to the seat next to Reese, and said,” Hey, myname is Pierce. Logan Pierce, I went to Cincinnati to visit my parents, ah, Ifeel that I haven’t seen them for a long time, something like all my lifetime."

Reese still hasn’t answered.

“Yesterday morning I justdecided to take a break from my work, switching to a different life way, andthe result is in the evening, I was fired from the board, isn’t it amazing?”

“And, yesterday I lost my car tosomeone and twisted my waist at the street basketball court in Brooklyn. Then,today they told me that my jet also had some small issues. I certainly can rentone instead, but I want to feel something different, civil airliner, businessclass, Bingo, definitely a good choice!”

Pierce chattered, just like ateenage who loves to brag, obviously Reese didn’t have time to take care ofhim. After a while, perhaps our Mr. Killer finally lost his patience, so helooked up and glanced at Pierce, though Reese had no expression on his face, hereleased enough pressure for Pierce to close his mouth and sit back to the sidewisely. 

“it is unbelievable, I foundmyself actually was kind of afraid of you.”

Pierce said to himself, ”Iprobably have a hard time, these days I always felt uneasy.”

“Will it be better to take anaspirin?” Pierce’s chatty was like some kind of illness of him, apparently hewas severely suffering from this kind of illness. He sat back to his seat,started to look through his carry-on bag,” here’s no aspirin, uh, but here’s afew naproxen. Have I ever taken naproxen? I usually took aspirin, well, nownaproxen.”

“I hope one naproxen can work,keeping me from headaches and backaches on the plane.”

Pierce won't have a headache ora backache on the plane, because he just took his naproxen, and for a minute,his face was blushing, he felt difficulty breathing, "um, I…, I can'tspeak..."

Oops, this guy seems to have anallergy.

Staffs in the longue came overand started broadcasting to find a doctor. Reese walked fast to Pierce and saidto the staffs, ”Go get a hose, this guy needs a tracheal intubation, he isallergic.”

“I, uh…, me, umm…”, it must havebeen that Pierce said too much, and now God punishes him for not speaking.

"There is no hose in thefirst aid kit, God, sir, we can't find the hose."

Damn, it is stupid.

“Then go find a knife, a usefulone!”

Pierce is not quite good, withhis face turning to be some color like pig liver. Reese took a steel knife froma staff and took a bottle of whiskey from the dining table. Then he cut a pieceof metal hose from the sink of the bathroom and disinfected the hose usingwhiskey. After the metal hose was simply disinfected, Reese walked back toPierce and directly stuffed the half of the hose into the throat of thechattered guy. Then Reese sent a few breaths from the other end of the hose toPierce's lungs. Thank goodness, that the knife is useful enough, and Piercedoesn’t need to meet God in a hurry.


“You saved my life.”

“It’s incredible. The way youlooked at me just now, makes me feel that you would kill me…”

“I admit that I was scared atthe beginning, thinking that someone is killing me, but now I feel that itmight be simply an allergy of naproxen, and I’m not afraid at all.”

"I mean, sir, I am notafraid of allergies or breathlessness, but I still seem to be afraid of you,how strange, you obviously saved my life."

"Hey, at least tell me yourname, you saved me, then you have to be responsible for me."

"Don't look at me with theway of looking an idiot, that's what the Chinese said."

Pierce slowed down, and hisillness of chattering recurred until the boarding broadcast in the loungesounded, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please, flight toNorthern Kentucky is now boarding. Would you please have your belongings andboarding passes ready and board the aircraft through gate No. 8."

Reese stood up and wentboarding, left no word to Pierce, not to mention his true name, not even a fakeone. 

Reese is killer, but since hisname on the Langley Wall, he had been a law-abiding citizen in spite of thehitman work a few times a year. Reese saved Pierce only to follow his civicduties, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with the person he saved atall. He is after all a killer, isn’t it?

Reese always travels light. Piercewatched him leave the lounge to board the aircraft without any baggage, and hehimself was considered by the airline to be unsuitable for the scheduled flightbecause of the allergic event that he just had. They suggested that Pierce goto the hospital, or at least take a break at the nearby hotel.


It has been at night when Reesearrived at Northern Kentucky. A slender young man came to pick Reese up, withhis walking posture like a soft telephone pole swinging in the wind. Hecomplained a little about the delay of the flight, “Airlines are alwaysterrible, God knows why they have so many reasons to delay, shouldn’t theyarranged it well?”

Reese didn’t talk, the Mr. Soft telephonepole led him to the parking lot, they sat into a Ford Mustang. In the car, theguide man handed Reese an envelope in which there were as always two creditcards, one disposable mobile phone, and several photos of the target, ”Logan Pierce,the founder of, a young billionaire, will come to Cincinnati tovisit his parents in the next two days. Some people don’t want him to return toNew York after attending the old Pierce’s birthday party. “

“Logan Pierce?”

The name was a bit familiar,however Reese didn’t care too much at first until Mr. Telephone pole tookPierce’s photo out in a swinging posture similar to his walking. “Pierce is acomplete freak, and very suspicious. He always changes his phones preventingcommercial espionage. He lives in New York most of the time, usually with twoor three full-time bodyguards around him, but in Cincinnati, there may be fewersecurity measures.”

Reese frowned when looking atPierce’s headshot, isn’t that the troublemaker in LaGuardia Airport?

What kind of new joke is this?Let you kill someone you just saved? This does not seem to be interesting.

“Is there any problem? You feelthis a bit difficult?”

Mr. Telegrapher tempted, Reeseshook his head, and then Mr. telephone pole tempted again. "I don't thinkso either. Your partner on the phone said that you are the top professional.Pierce is rich enough, freak enough, but he will still die soon, will he?"

This time’s guide man seemed tohave too much word, which make Reese frowned again, “I will do what I shoulddo”, said the killer.

At last, Reese glanced over theMr. telephone pole, signaling that he’d better tell quickly if he still hassomething to say. So the Mr. telephone pole introduced old Pierce’s residencesand finally pouted his lips, "I don't think I can do it, um, I mean, killeror something."


The Pierce family's house inCincinnati is very stylish. Well, it may not be accurate to describe it as ahouse. Mansion may be more suitable.

In the next day, Reese drove aroundthe Pierce Mansion for two laps, during which the old Pierce couple came outfor a while, which made Reese find that Pierce is more like his mother from thelooks. 

In fact, Reese doesn't want toknow too much about Pierce, because that for being a killer, things you need toknow are that you’re going to kill someone, as well as the appearance and identity of this one, that can ensure younot to kill the wrong person. You don’t need to know the family or personalityof the target, those kinds of love between husband and wife, father and son,because most of the time, the more you know, the more your action will beaffected, which may lead to not that clean and neat. But for Pierce, Reese evensaved this guy’s life, which has been enough to make our Mr. Killer feeluncomfortable, you know that Reese never wants to have too much overlap withthe target.

However, perhaps Pierce willcancel Cincinnati’s itinerary due to his allergy in the airport. If so, thebusiness may also be cancelled. In fact, if it is really cancelled, it seemsthat there is nothing wrong with it.  Reeseis not short of money, he doesn’t care about to work less, at least for now. 

Reese thought about whether togive Kara a phone call and talk about the possibility that the target might notbe in place. However, he knew that Kara must have received half of thecustomer's prepaid reward, and Kara would never want Pierce not to appear inCincinnati because she still thinking about receiving the other half of thereward. Well, at last Reese decided not to contact Kara for the time being. Asfor Pierce, if the young billionaire doesn't appear in Cincinnati, he would belucky to keep his own life. If he appeared, it wouldn't be bothering either.Reese felt that he hadn't understood Pierce yet to the extent that he can'tmove on.


Actually, Pierce flight his ownjet to Cincinnati in the next day. Obviously the jet’s small problems werefixed, so the billionaire couldn't wait to go out. In the evening, PierceMansion held a party. Reese was in the crowd, he didn't plan to do his worktoday, and didn't want to face to Pierce either. In fact, he is stillconsidering the way of doing it, with a shot? Pierce is young and strong, it isnot easy for him to have a heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage. Of course, heis allergic to naproxen, but Reese doesn’t want him to be allergic again, whichmay involve Reese himself who saved Pierce at LaGuardia Airport. .

Pierce stood by the pool andsipped a cocktail. He was surrounded by people, men and women, most of themwere young and beautiful. The old Mr. Pierce was sitting in the flower hall in thedistance. He didn't look much happy, maybe he disliked his son's party. For themoment, Mrs. Pierce came over and poured a glass of liqueur for her husband, bythe way gave him a shoulder massage. They said something, and then shook theirheads, and finally they smiled.

They should be a good couple andgood parents, Reese thought.

In Reese's opinion, Pierce'sparty was noisy and boring. When most of the people got drunk and someonestarted talking to Reese with too much passionate, Reese felt that he couldhave himself left. Perhaps it is best to end Pierce's arrogant rich man's lifewith a bullet after the old Pierce birthday party ends, because no one willdoubt that the troublemaker has caused countless troubles for himself. Someonehired a professional killer to kill him. This is the story, it is reasonable.

Reese turned away from theparty, but it is unfortunately that he was caught by the sharp-eyes Pierce . Theyoung billionaire pushed away the hot girl who inextricably kissed with him inthe last second, then rushed to Reese, who was stopped by a drunkard at theflower hall, the troublemaker shouted with a high voice as always, “Hey, it’syou!”

"I know that we will meetagain. According to the Chinese saying, you should be responsible for me. Oh,Dad, Mom, come and see my savior, at LaGuardia Airport, it is this handsomegentleman who saved me!"

Reese doesn’t like the currentsituation at all. He always doesn’t want to have anything to do with Pierce.However, now Pierce introduce him to his Mom and Dad just like introducing his sigother.Reese felt funny and headache. To be honest, he didn’t expect the mad arrogancePierce to be a good boy in front of his parents. Pierce spoke to his motherwith a manner like a spoiled child, “ Dear Mom, I think you and Dad are obligedto invite the good gentleman who saved your son’s life to stay, and accept yourhospitality. Though, this gentleman has refused to tell your poor son even hisname. “

Reese was embarrassed aboutPierce's attitude, but he knew that this was the consistent style of the freakrich man. He can completely ignore Pierce's words and deeds, but it is soimpolite to ignore the enthusiasm of the old Pierce couple, " John Wiley,I’m here in Cincinnati for some businesses, they said that people who livenearby can come to have fun if they want. I think here might be a good place,but I didn't expect to encounter your son again. ”

Reese shrugged, with hisexpression showing quite helpless, this made the old Pierce laugh. "My sonis really a freak, Mr. Wiley, you can leave him alone."


The old Pierce's birthday isafter three days. In view of the fact that Pierce has been expelled from theboard of, hence the Mr. Founder has totally released himself inthe past two days. He drove along the Ohio River, acted as practicingperformance art at anywhere and anytime. Reese didn’t have the interest racingcar with Pierce, but he did accept the invitations and had two dinners and onelunch with the old Pierce couple.

“Mr. Wiley, you are welcome tocome over at any time if you like. Logan is a good kid, but he has not madegood friends. “

“Indeed, except for Justin, heis surrounded by fair weather friends. “

“Actually I don’t think Ogilvywill do some good to Logan, even though they went college and run businesstogether. “

“Oh, honey, Justin is good kid,you have always been biased against him.”

The old Pierce and his wifetalked about his son’s friend, Justin Ogilvy, the Pierce partner meanwhile agood friend of Pierce for more than a decade, seems not to be liked by thefather. The old man shook his head, drank a big bite of liqueur, then said toReese, “John, please forgive me that I’d like to call you John. I likephotography, In fact, I take photos very well, especially those using films.But I have to admit that I am a failed businessman. I failed to changedirection in time facing the rise of digital camera. All I left is only films,and then the film was eliminated, I went bankrupt."

"Logan's cleverness savedthe Pierce family, for which I thank him, but it doesn't mean that as a father,I had lost the right to remind him. Ogilvy made me felt not well, the young manis different from Logan. Their pursuits are definitely not the same, my son maybe a freak, but he pursues the new good and true things, at all costs, as forOgilvy, I think he may prefer money much more.”

“Honey, Logan has said thatJustin is also very upset for his expelling from the board. You know that Loganhas his own plan, he claimed that he needs a new way of work.  Well, Logan invited Justin to join yourbirthday party, you have to at least show a smile, you should know Logan cannotset Friendzar up without Justin. They are both good young men. “

Mrs. Pierce is obviously a lotmore lenient with her son’s friend. She took the old man’s wine glass away,showing no interest of continuing this topic, but the old Pierce shrugged, “ok,let’s say that is the case, I admit that they are very successful in makingmoney”, then the old man turned to Reese,” John, what do you do? I mean youmentioned that you come to Cincinnati for business, but you don’t look like abusiness man, not mention to looking like those so-called elites of WallStreet.”

“I am hired by some companies todeal with some professional matters. I have to admit that those professions area bit not easy to describe. I always have difficulty explaining those topeople.” Reese replied with a manner of avoiding the important and dwelling onthe trivial. 

"Oh, industry experts,great, I know you must be engaged in a career that is much more awesome thandoing business, John."

The old Pierce is verytalkative, and from his words, Reese found that some of Pierce's unrestrainedbehavior was inherited from his father. "Logan doesn't look like me, butmost of his other parts are like me. He must have suffered something recently,of course I don’t mean that he was fired from the board, I can feel that he isstruggling."

"Logan is always a goodkid, despite his flaunting usually makes people dislike him. He has alwayspursued the best. I really appreciate you for saving him at LaGuardia Airport.If he did meet with terrible accidents, his mother would be sad to death, andso would I."


The situation is getting moreand more out of the way.  Now Reese knowsa lot of details about Pierce, which is not useful for killing him. Reese hadate Pierce's meal and drank Pierce's wine, though the meal and wine wereoffered by the old Pierce. In theory, he shouldn’t go to kill Pierce. Reesebegan to consider whether to give Kara a call to cancel the business, but thereis a problem. There will be someone else coming to kill Pierce if he quits.Maybe Kara will come and do it by herself. After all, Mark was caught in thecity, Kara may not be able to find a suitable candidate in a short time. Oh,Kara, Reese thought of his former partner, then he could not help but take adeep breath, okay, just wait for another night, let’s see how much luck Piercehas.

After dinner, Reese drove backto the hotel. He dialed a phone call to Bear on the way. There was no specialexpectation, and no expectation that Bear would really use the dog's paw tograb the receiver. But when heard the sound of Finch after a ringing, Reeseraised a smile unconsciously, and Finch said, "Mr. Reese, is thatyou?"

"it's me."

"Bear is quite good,although he has been trying to protest for no snacksin the past two days, witha way of hunger strike." There are a few hears of Bear in the receiver,which sounds full of grievances, which makes Reese can't help laughing,  "Bear, be good." He said.

There was a brief silence onboth ends of the phone. After that, Finch asked first, "Mr. Reese, iseverything going well for your travel?"

"um, there is a littletrouble."


"Hey, Finch, have you everheard that if you have saved someone, then you have to save him all the time,it is said that Chinese said this."

"A Chinese saying? You mean"save people to the end, send the Buddha to the west"?"

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, it's a bitcomplicated, but saving people is always a good thing, Mr. Reese, if I havethat ability, I mean, obviously you have that ability, then I will be veryhappy to save people."

Reese didn't answer, maybe ittook 3 seconds, Finch's voice sounded, with some fluster, "Mr. Reese, Idon't mean anything else, um, I want to say that I hope your business goingvery well."

"Okay, thank you,Finch."


Reese ended the conversationwith Finch. When the Mustang just passed the last intersection and stopped atthe parking lot on the back of the hotel, Reese saw Pierce's fancy car parkedthere, the young and drunk billionaire was stuffed into the car by someone, andthen the car started, not knowing where to go.

Reese quietly followed up andfound Pierce's car running along the River Ohio. The car was driving not fast,but with a little unstable. The car finally stopped at the estuary where no onethere. The guy who stuffed Pierce into the car opened the door and got out. Hewalked out of a long distance, but kept looking back and forth. Reeseinstinctively felt that there would be some trouble for Pierce. However, it wastoo late to think about it. The white racing car suddenly started and slanted,seemed to be rushing into the River Ohio!

Reese said a “shit”, and quicklystarted to chase the car. You don’t know that Pierce was clear-head fromalcohol or not, anyway, the racing car looked like it had its own mind and hadplanned all this of rushing into the river. At this moment, the driver in thecar was obviously trying to fight with the car using all his strength. Well,Pierce probably woke up, and he certainly didn’t want to be buried into theriver.

Reese drove by from the side.The former CIA agent carefully controlled the car speed and the distancebetween his Mustang and Pierce’s racing car. After several times of forcing offthe white racing car to the river bank, Reese speeded up to catch up withPierce, and successfully forced the racing car stopped at the riverside. Theracing car turned over, then made a loud bang. The frightened Pierce wasclimbing out, wanting to leave the danger. Thankfully, he had been dragged outby Reese before the car was blown into a fireball.

“Oh, my God, Jeremy actuallywants to kill me! He wants to pretend to be a car accident. He spends money askingthe hackers invading into my car. They control my car and want me to rush into theOhio River!"

"Who is Jeremy? The one whostuffed you in just now?"

"Yes, that guy is JeremyCampbell, my lawyer, also the legal counsel of Friendzar."

"Well, you seem to haveoffended a lot of people."

My dad always said that there isno real friend around me. I know that he is basically right, but I didn'texpect someone in them to kill me?! Jeremy is my friend, and the legal counselof Friendzar. Because Friendzar will go public, we decided we may need a newcounsel. Does this make him want to kill me? I invited him to Cincinnatibecause I wanted to talk to him about my Non-solicitation agreement after I wasexpelled from the board. I plan, oh, damn, I am going to give up the Friednzar.I have to work with Emily. I can't give up that matching algorithm, I have tomake that algorithm perfect, because that might be the best. ”

Pierce said a lot, however Reesewas not interested to know those details. Reese carried the former CEO ofFriendzar leaving the Ohio River, in the Mustang he asked Pierce, “So, you willgive up the Friendzar, and start a collaboration with your previouscompetitor?”

"Basically, that'sit."

"Is all of this known byyour current partners?"

"Maybe, maybe they areaware."

"Pierce, what your fathersaid is totally right, you really need some new friends." 


Reese sent Pierce back. Afterpanic, the young billionaire who recovered was still as troublesome as before,”John, this is the second time you saved me. Oh, I am so lucky, it seems thatyou will be responsible for me till the end.”

“Is it responsible for sendingyou to heaven?” Reese said silently. Then, Mr. Killer pulled away Pierce, whowas now wrapping around Reese with his over enthusiastic embrace, “Listen, stayat home, and don’t die before your father’s birthday party.”

Reese finally gave Kara a call,”Hey, Kara, I need to confirm some information.” 


At that night, Reese leftCincinnati and drove to Pittsburgh. He drove east along Highways 70 and 71, andarrived at Pittsburgh Airport at about three in the morning. Then, Mr. Killertook a short break and bought a ticket to New York in the name of John Randall.Seven past twenty-eight minutes on that morning, Reese had landed in LaGuardia.

Reese called Kara at theprevious night to ask about the customer information of this order. Kara wasconfused. "John, I thought you have finished it all. You know the rules ofour work, we get our business through the middleman, we should know nothingabout the customers themselves."

"Kara, I know things are goinga little bit wrong, but can you help me by phone to confirm the customer'srequest? for example, what way does the customer want the target to die?  Is it need to be arranged as anaccident?"

"John, I never knew youwere so intimate with your customers."

"Kara, you know me, I don'thave too much kindness. Actually, the target is to attend a party the day aftertomorrow. I don't know if I will start at that time. I just want to figure outthe customer's attitude towards the people around the target, just in caseabout killing one getting one free, you know that we both don't want to see thesituation that affects our customers."

"Well, I understand. Yoususpect that the customer may be someone around the target. Right, we have tomake sure that the other half of the reward is still available. Let me try tomake a few calls, but this may cost for a while. John, you know that Mark isbetter than me at making phone calls, but he is still trapped in thecity."

"How about Mark?"

"It's not bad, he should beable to get out soon, but there is a FBI agent called Donnelley, the guy is abig trouble, he’ll be our problem sooner or later."

"Kara, be morecautious."

"Oh, my dear Mr. Sunshine,are you worried about me?"

"Kara, you know that I havealways cared about you."

"Well, I’m going to checkthe customer information for you."


Kara's inquiry was smoother thanexpected. After about an hour, Kara replied that the customer did not wantReese to do at the party of the day after tomorrow. As for the people who are closeto the target, he does not care.  Theonly one that specially requires is that if Reese must do at the party, then hehas to ensure not to affect others.

Very good, now Reese is almostsure that the one who wants Pierce dead will appear in the old Pierce birthdayparty, meanwhile he will act very close to Pierce. Reese recalls the Pierce’snagging after affright, "Jeremy is going to kill me, but fortunately it’s Jeremy,if it's Justin, then I would really lose to my dad."

Reese didn't talk at the time, soPierce said to himself all the way, "Justin is my best friend for morethan one decade, but I don't know when it started, I think he is getting lessand less like himself, and our cooperation is getting more and more difficult."

"Justin may have noticedthat I want to leave Friendzar. God knows that I want to work with more people,instead of relying on the existing advantages of Friendzar to bully those whoare in the same industry, John, do you know? No matter how the technology progress,the true and precious thing can only be the connection between people."

"However, I don't thinkJustin understands, of course, Jeremy, he understands fewer. Or, I should tellJustin straightforwardly that I decided to leave Friendzar, I will go to dosomething more meaningful than bullying to peers. I neither want to suppress Emily'salgorithm, nor want to calculate the arbitrage of the listing blindly."

“Well, Justin will come to myfather's birthday party, I invited him. I think he might realize that I want totalk to him. John, I have been extremely uneasy these days, I almost thoughtthat my best friend has to get rid of me, thank goodness that I waswrong."

Pierce talked about JustinOgilvy. It seems that he has had a lot of wariness against this friend of hisown. And Reese has long suspected that Ogilvy is his employer, so he veryrarely took Pierce's words, "Talk about your partner and best friend, willhe want you dead because of he is doubting about your betrayal?"

"Maybe, but at least hedoesn't do it yet. I know that on the eve of the upcoming listing of Friendzar,it is very bad to leave and decide to cooperate with the competitors. But atleast I did my best to let them succeed in driving me out of the board, I wantto minimize their losses, but also I don't want to deceive more people to losemoney."

"But I think Justin willhold his bottom line. He promised to come to Cincinnati to attend my father'sbirthday party, I think even if he hates me, he will tell the public that he isstill my close friend, even though I has been expelled from the board. There isno doubt that Justin will certainly maintain a good relationship with me,because it is beneficial to the stock price after listing."

"Justin won't make amistake in this area. If he hasn’t thought about getting rid of me, then Ishould be the best friend in his heart. In all senses, I am the bad guy."

Pierce said endless. BeforeReese sent him home, he recalled many of the old days of the Friendzarentrepreneurship. Reese listened quietly. Pierce mentioned how hard andself-disciplined Ogilvy is, for example, Ogilvy is used to driving fast to workevery day, and almost never rest, "He is the guru of market and money, hehas paid no less to Friendzar than me."


Before receiving the inquiryfrom Kara, Reese had already drove to Pittsburgh. He was almost sure thatOgilvy was the customer after knowing the customer's special cared request.Yes, there are many people who hate Pierce, but there are probably fewer peoplewho hate him to the extent of wanting him to die. Moreover, the most importantthing is that this customer has to be very close to Pierce and will definitelyattend the old Pierce birthday party. That Jeremy can only be counted as anaccidental episode, as to the left suspects, the most possible one should be Ogilvy.

Reese had his own plan and hedecided to adjust the deal.


As for Finch, in view of lasttime Mr. Reese had been back to New York at the same day when he called onmorning, Finch would never stay in Reese’s apartment without Reese’s knowing, becausehe doesn’t want to face to another embarrassment anymore, no matter how pitifulthat Bear barks.

However, not to mention thatthis time Reese didn’t come back at all, actually Finch didn’t sleep wellthough he returned to his own place. In the middle of night, Root called, yes,Root the hacker and also the crazy niece of Finch. Root complained at thephone, “Harold, I am so unlucky! I haven’t got a single success on any businesssince the old villain Fudleyman had cheated me a lot of money.”

“What is it this time? Miss Root,are you aware that now is on very very deep night?”

“Oh, sorry, but Harold, I haveto talk about this, I got a business mission that hacking into a car with atop-grade safety and autopilot system, then making the car to rush into theOhio River carrying its driver. Of course, I guess this is some kind ofdeliberate murder, and the murderer want to cover it as a car accident. "

"Samantha, I remember thatI have expressed more than once that I disagree you to do such so-calledbusiness, are you short of money?"

"Harold, the point is not themoney, but is that the car system is perfect, I promise you will praise it whenyou meet."

“Have you failed due to the perfectionof the system?”

"No, Root will certainlysucceed, but the problem is that I spent so much effort cracking the perfectsystem, Harold, I mean I obviously controlled the car, but which didn't make itof rushing into Ohio River."

"Thank God, Samantha, youshould be grateful about this, at least people in the car won’t bekilled."

“Harold, can you try to put yourfeet on my shoes for just a short while? I had controlled the systemsuccessfully, but the mission failed. Some damn external force that no oneknows where it is from had stopped the racing car, and then let it blown upinto a fireball. Oh, shit, I had the worst luck!”

"Samantha, I still thinkyou should thank God, for not letting you really become a hangman.”

"Harold, I should havethought that I couldn't tell you at all. I originally wanted you to have a lookat the beautiful system, well, forget it. I just can’t imagine what kind ofmaster can force a racing car to stop in such high-speed collision, CIA?"

Root hang up with obvious anger,and Finch sighed.  He could lie down andcontinue his dreams, but it didn't take long. Maybe two or three hours, Root calledagain, "Harold, this time is a real damn shit, I just mentioned that Ihacked into a car system, and now there is a nuisance on the other end of thesystem, seeking my vulnerability."

“Have you been caught?"

"Of course not."

"Then why you callme?"

"Oh, Uncle Harold, it seemsthat you have real bad temper when you are woken up."

Finch hangs up Root's phoneannoyedly, leaving only “beep” on the end. And Root’s yelling the whole nightalso made Shaw who is living with her quite dissatisfied, "Samantha, canyou get your business done quickly? Don't blame me for not reminding you, youare just hiding behind the computer, being unable to deal with unexpectedsituations is inevitable. “

"Sameen, it was just myluck, okay? You can see it just now. The car was forced to stop. I can only saythat the other car is unbelievable. I should be more grateful and regretful atthe Votive Cathedral in Vienna, I must have been falling on evil daysrecently."

"Don't blame the luck, thePierce you are hired to hack, obviously there is someone very powerful aroundhim protecting him. So, forget the business and go to your bed."

Ha, what a big misunderstanding.


On the morning that Reesearrived at LaGuardia at 7:28, and also the day before the old Pierce’s birthdayparty, Harold Finch woke up with a light headache, which should be blame to thecall from Root in the middle of the night. Finch got up and had a bath, thenset off to feed Bear. While he arrived at Reese's apartment, he found thatReese might have returned, and even Bear was suspected to have eaten adoughnut. 

Finch's first reaction was to beglad that he didn't stay with Bear last night, then he felt a little confused whenhe saw no traces of sleep on the bed and the sofa. Of course, this is Reese'sapartment, Reese can come and go at anytime. So, Finch didn't care too much. Excepta little bit worry about whether Root would be attacked reversely by someone,everything was as calm as usual.

Finch had no habit of spendingtime on social networks, but he would read real-time news through someplatforms. “At 9:03 this morning, the COO of Friendzar was killed in a caraccident, which cause is now under investigation. It is suspected that thefront wheel was punctured in high-speed driving, leading the car to be out ofcontrol and roll over, the car fall off the Queensborough Bridge after itsexplosion."

"COO of Friendzar, is theFriendzar that will be listed in a few days? Their website architecture is good."Finch commented a few words to himself. He did not have much other feeling exceptregretting the loss of a life itself.

Finch has already fed Bear,although the bad boy still want a more donut. Anyway, Finch managed to takeBear out of the door and start an hour's walk in the morning. It looks like anormal day again till afternoon. Finch received a call from Reese, "Finch,I am coming back tonight, are you free for dinner together?"

“Ah, Mr. Reese, you must havedone with your business.”

“Well, it have been done, thoughthere was a little trouble.”

“Oh, that would be great. Haveyou been back to the apartment?”

"Yes, I went back in the morningand gave Bear a donut, which I hope will not interfere with the healthy eatinghabits you want him to form. mmh, Finch, you haven't answered whether you havetime for dinner together. You can tell me about the “save people to the end”thing, as well as those complicated meanings. I think I need to know."

“Ok, Mr. Reese, I think I havetime tonight."

“French restaurants outside thethree blocks, remember not to take Bear, the place is extremely strict.”

"Okay, Mr. Reese, see youat night."


Justin Ogilvy, the COO ofFriendzar, who died in a car accident, was indeed killed by the car accident, butI’m afraid that the cause of this particular accident is difficult to beuncovered by investigation. One and a half hours after the car accident, Reesearrived at Yonkers on a train from Grand Central Station. Kara was alreadysitting in Mark's courtyard, she didn't prepare any ice tea this time, she saidto Reese, "Tell me about what is going on, Lover."

“You should have guessed that wemay not receive the other half of the reward."

"Justin Ogilvy is ouremployer, it is him that hired us to get rid of Logan Pierce, but he is damnshit unlucky. He didn't expect that our Mr. Sunshine could be so kind to Pierce,even kind enough to drive a long way at night, for catching up the time to makea car accident on the way of Ogilvy driving to the Friendzar's headquarter. Am Iright?"

“That’s it, more or less.”

“John, what exactly did you doto make the car accident? You know that we need a good reputation to do ourwork, and don’t leave any clues, otherwise, no one will dare to hire us in thefuture.”

"A long-distance sniperrifle, the bullet hit the front wheel of the high-speed car, then the body lostcontrol, tumbling and exploding, and finally fell off the bridge."

"Well, I know that youwon't leave any clues. In fact, I should have found something wrong when youmade that strange phone call last night. If it is Mark who answered your call,he will not even inquire for you."

"Yes, you are right. Marknever like to make me happy from the very beginning."

"John, don't make jokes,you should understand that people who live in glass houses should not throwstones, and you know that we have been always living in a glass house."

"Kara, I understand. Infact ,I didn't really want to save Pierce, but  the coincidence happened again and again even tomake myself even confused. Kara, I haven’t judged which one of Pierce andOgilvy are more deserve to die."

"John, you used to besympathetic before, I told you, that's not needed."

"Kara, I think we have comeout of before."

"Well, okay, John, don't dothis again."

"Kara, do you know? Youshould keep all the rewards this time. I think I messed up the whole thing, buthalf of the reward is equal to the reward’s half. Kara, you did what you shoulddo, I hope you can get what you deserve, without one cent missed."

"John, you know that I’mnot short of money either. I just don't like that the money which should be inmy pocket would fly away. And I hope you will never do like this again.”

Their conversation ended here.It seemed that no one could convince the other. Reese turned away from Mark'sbeautiful house, He didn't answer Kara directly even at the end. He rushed backto meet Finch, then listened to the seemingly knowledgeable expert of dog walkingtelling the theory of saving people.

It is foreseeable that Reese'sdinner will be nice.


The next day is the old Piercebirthday. Pierce already knew that Ogilvy would never come to his farther’sbirthday party. He felt very sorry and sad. But at the moment, in the noisycrowd, he was looking for Mr. Wiley who had saved him twice. And his father,the birthday Pierce also expressed his disappointment of Mr. Wiley not showingup. Afterwards, FedEx brought a parcel at the right time. The parcel was sentfrom Pittsburgh Airport. There was a birthday card for the old Pierce."Dear Mr. Pierce, I am sorry that I have to leave Cincinnati overnightbecause of an emergency, for not being able to attend your birthday party, Ifeel very sorry, but I will sincerely wish you a happy birthday”, signed by J.Wiley.

In addition to the birthdaycard, there is a letter to Logan Pierce, the young rich, in the package. Afterunpacking the envelope, there is only one line on the paper. "You arewelcome, for the third time."

For this line, Pierce was confusedat the beginning, but after seeing the signature "John", he said tohimself, ”oh, my God!”

“For the third time”, Pierce figuredout that it meant that he must have been in danger for the third time, and hewas certainly saved by John for the third time. "You are welcome."Oh, you are so fantastic, John.


Person of Interest疑犯追踪 台词整理 S1E1



REESE:When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someonedifferent, someone better. When that person is taken from you, what do youbecome then? 

MAN1:Whatever you wanna do, you know? Unh.

MAN2:What? Hmm? What, where did you get that, in a cereal box? Huh? You wanna see areal gun? Forget you.

MAN3:Every little punk is carrying now, Anton. That's why your father wanted us totake the car home.

Anton:Relax. Picking up new hardware next week, restore a little order. Besides, whenwe take the car, we don't get to meet new friends. Like this guy.

[CHUCKLES]You bring enough for the whole group? Time to teach you about sharing.


CARTER:I'll need a statement from the bum. Which hospital did they take him to? 

POLICEMAN:Declined treatment. We got video on it though.

CARTER:You know, you could've done me a favor and let those guys land a couple morepunches. Question for you. Looking at that tape, I'd say you spent some time inthe service. I did. Army. Two tours in Iraq. But you don't learn how to fightlike that in the regular army. So, what were you? Special Forces? Delta? I'mCarter. You didn't give us a name.

REESE:You know, it's funny, best parts of your life you don't need a name. You get tobe "Dad," "sweetheart," "pal". Seems like theonly time you need a name now is when you're in trouble. So am I in trouble? 

CARTER:I don't know. You tell me. You're the one living on the street. You're not fromhere, are you? What, you're just passing through?

REESE:I came to find an old friend.

CARTER:Yeah, making that transition back can be tough. Some guys I knew got a littlelost. That disconnect between what they were trained to do and what they wereexpected to do when they got home. Some of them just needed a little helpadjusting. You need some help? Of course, some other guys I knew they had doneso many evil things, they felt like they needed the punishment. That soundsmore like your story, "pal"? Excuse me for a second.

ATTORNEY:I'm here for my client.

TECH:Wow, Wow, wow. Your guy's prints were found in half a dozen crime scenes overthe years. Open warrants in four different countries. Missing Persons here inQueens, '07, three guys disappeared.’ Who you got down there, Carter, the angelof death? 

REESE:I appreciate the help, counselor. But who's picking up …… the tab? 

MAN:Our employer wants to have a word with you.


REESE:Do I owe you money? Because I'm, uh, running a little short at the moment.

FINCH:You don't owe me anything, Mr. Reese. That's the name you prefer, isn't it? Iknow you've had several. Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell anybody about you.

REESE:You don't know anything about me.

FINCH:I know exactly everything about you, Mr. Reese. I know about the work you usedto do for the government. I know about the doubts you came to have about thatwork. I know that the government, along with everybody else, thinks you'redead. I know you've spent the last couple of months trying to drink yourself todeath. I know you're contemplating more efficient ways to do it, which would bea shame. So you see, knowledge is not my problem. Doing something with thatknowledge, that's where you'd come in.

REESE:Who sent you? 

FINCH:Nobody sent me. You can call me Mr. Finch. I think you and I can help oneanother. I don't think you need a psychiatrist or a support group or pills.

REESE:What do I need?

FINCH:You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job.

FINCH:Eight million people. You know what they all have in common? None of them knowswhat happens next. Good things, maybe, but for some of them, not so good. Someoneis murdered in New York City every 18 hours. It's like Musical Chairs. At theend of the day, one of these people will be gone.

REESE:Bad things happen to people every day. You can't stop them.

FINCH:What if you could? Not the things that happen in the heat of the moment. But somany crimes are planned days, weeks in advance. What if you could stop those? 

REESE:Let me guess, you're a psychic.

FINCH:Ha, ha. No psychic, no magic, none of that. It's funny, when I was a kid Iwanted a jet pack, I wanted a summer house on Mars. Then I realized I wasliving in the Information Age. This was a shocking disappointment to me until Irealized how revolutionary it was. All of us are leaving a trail of informationin our wake. Most of it is useless. There's something hidden in all that mess,a faint outline of things to come. The right person in the right place with theright information could change everything. This is the problem I have, Mr.Reese. I've got a list, a list of people who are about to be involved in verybad situations, murders, kidnappings.

REESE:Where did you get this list? 

FINCH:Can't tell you, you'll have to trust me. The people that are on my list, theyhave no idea that anything's about to happen to them. Most of them are justordinary people.

REESE:Like who?

FINCH:Like her.

Diane:Thank you.

FINCH:Her name is Diane Hansen. And this week, she's at the top of my list.

REESE:You think something bad is gonna happening involving her? 

FINCH:It's not that simple. I don't know exactly what's gonna happen or what her rolein it is. She might be the victim. She could be the perpetrator. All I know isthat she is involved. I want you to follow her, figure out what's gonna happen,and stop it from happening.

REESE:Why not call the police? 

FINCH:If anybody knew I had this list, it would be problematic. You would name yourown salary, expenses, whatever you need. So, what do you think? 

FINCH:I think you're a bored rich guy. I think that woman is probably your ex-wife orsomeone you rode in an elevator with one. Nither way, I think I'm done.



WOMAN[ON TV]: Tonight police are looking for a homeless man for further questioning.The unidentified man was originally believed to be the victim of a violentassault on a subway. But now police consider the man a person of interest in anumber of crimes nationwide.


REESE:Hey, sweetheart, what's wrong? Jessica, what's wrong?




FINCH[OVER PHONE]: You need to understand, Mr. Reese. The information I have isincomplete. But it's never wrong. You need to know what it would be like to beforced to listen to someone get murdered and not be able to do anything aboutit.



MAN1: Shut up!


WOMAN:Rick, no!



MAN2 [ON RECORDING]: Kill, 138.7, X-ray. Twelve, August, 2008, 1:37 a.m.

FINCH:Too late. This recording is three years old. A woman murdered in this room byher husband for the insurance. You were too late for her, just like you weretoo late for your friend Jessica. You were halfway around the world when shewas killed.

REESE:What the hell do you know about it? 

FINCH:It's the truth. You left the government because they lied to you. I never will.A man with your particular skills could make a great deal of money in somecorner in this world but you don't do it. I think all you ever wanted to do is toprotect people.

REESE:That's a wiretap recording, NSA or FISA, Government. But you're not government.

FINCH:No, I'm not. I guess you could call me a concerned third party. You couldn'thave saved this woman or your friend. But you could have if you had known intime. That's the other thing I'm offering you, a chance to be there in time. It'snot too late for her. You could help me stop what's about to happen. Thequestion is, will you?

FINCH:Diane Hansen, grew up in Detroit, moved to the city after law school, single.

REESE:Does she have any enemies?

FINCH:One or two. She's an assistant district attorney, the best conviction record inher department.

REESE:Great. Nice short list of possible suspects. We have no idea when this bad thingmight happen, huh? 

FINCH:Could be in a week, could be five minutes. That's why we need to learn as muchas we can about her. How do you intend to begin?

REESE:The slow way, cultivate a relationship, engineering situations over weeks,months to allow you to earn the asset's trust.

FINCH:And the fast way? 

REESE:Break into her home and go through all her stuff. 


REESE:What is this place? 

FINCH:The decline of Western civilization. The city closed half its libraries. Budgetcuts. This building was sold to a bank that I control, which promptly declaredbankruptcy. So the property is in a kind of limbo. It doesn't exist.

REESE:Neither do you. I did a little digging.

FINCH:I recognize, Mr. Reese, that there is a disparity between how much I know aboutyou and how much you know about me. I know you'll be trying to close that gapas quickly as possible. But I should tell you I'm a really private person. Whathave you found out about our Ms. Hansen? 

REESE:Well, she's squeaky-clean. No debts, no attachments. But she is taking ulcermedication, sleeping pills so she's scared or stressed about something. Assumingshe's the target, I'm going through her work e-mails, case files, looking foranyone who stands out. I've got picture on her. But I need sound. I could hackher cell phone use the microphone to listen in, GPS to track her. But thattakes gear that's a little hard to come by.

FINCH:Thought you might need that. So I built one.

REESE:Oh. [WIRTTEN ON NOTEBOOK] "Good with computers.” 

FINCH:Driver's licenses, credit cards, six cover identities, funds to be replenishedthrough a proxy corporation, just like when you were with the agency.

REESE:When I was with the agency I knew who was picking up the tab. This is yourlist? The list?


REESE:But you don't get names, do you? These are Social security numbers and each ofthem map out to a violent crime. And all of these numbers represent – 

FINCH:Lost chances.

REESE:I could be a lot more help to you if you'd just tell me where you're gettingthese numbers.

FINCH:It doesn't really matter where I get these numbers. What you need to know isthat the next number that’s up is hers.

REESE:Trust works both ways, Finch. If telling me where you're getting these numberswould put your life at some kind of risk……

Finch:It would put a whole lot more people than just me at risk. And I'd say that trustingan alcoholic ex-government hit man is a greater challenge than trusting amiddle-aged cripple. I have one more address for you to check out tonight.

REESE[PHONE DIALING]: Okay, Mr. Finch. What am I doing here? 

FINCH[OVER PHONE]: Sleeping. You have plenty to do tomorrow.

REESE:What are you talking about? Who lives here? 

FINCH:You do, Mr. Reese.


POLICE:Any luck finding Paul Bunyan? 

CARTER:Turns out "bearded loner" covers a high percentage of the homelesspopulation. Oh, thanks. Wait, is this the Missing Persons file from 07? 

MAN:Yes, ma'am.

CARTER:This is all they had? 


REESE:Given Hansen's job, we've got hundreds of people who could be holding a grudge,so I'm starting with the people she seems most worried about. I cut the list tothree. The first is Lawrence Pope, the man Hansen is currently prosecuting.

FUSCO:When we got there, the scene was, uh, colorful, five dead. One of them hadmanaged to crawl 10 feet to a phone and dialed 911, despite the fact that this drug-slingingpiece of trash shot him in the gut.

CONSLOR:Your Honor.

FUSCO:Pardon me, Your Honor. Despite the fact that this drug-slinging piece of trash hadallegedly shot him in the gut.

DIANE:The person who made that call was Germaine Salts. And he was friends with the defendant?

FUSCO:Yeah, they were all friends. We figure that's how Pope knew the deal was goingdown.Now turns out career criminals don't make very trustworthy friends.

DIANE:Detective Fusco, when you interviewed Mr. Pope, what did he tell you in hisdefense? 

FUSCO:He said if he'd shot the poor bastard he would've shot him in the head, quote,"Same as I always do," unquote. Said he wouldn't have left him therehalf dead, blubbering for his girlfriend.

DIANE:No more questions, Your Honor.

DIANE[OVER RADIO]: Detective, you went a little off script in your testimony. You nevertold me about that conversation and it could clear Pope's name.

FUSCO:What's it matter, we got the guy.

DIANE:It matters because it's my job to make absolutely sure that the wrong peopledon't go to jail. Do you remember? 

FUSCO:Excuse me, I thought we were on the same team.

WHEELER:You got time to talk? Maybe I could buy you dinner?

DIANE:I’m Busy, another time? 

WHEELER:Is something wrong? I've been noticing lately ……

DIANE:No, I'm fine. Thank you. Thanks.

REESE:The second person I'm looking into is Wheeler, her co-counselor.

FINCH:Another ADA? Why? 

REESE:Well, they dated for a few months last year. She broke things off, and 40% ofmurders involve some kind of romantic relationship. Also, Wheeler's divorced,one kid, partial custody, alimony, upside-down on his condo, career's stalled.

DIANE:I asked. I can't get the time off. Yeah, it is. It is a tough job. But I canlook out for myself, you know that. Listen, Mom, I…I know you haven't beencashing the checks. It's not charity, I'm your daughter. I know. I know youworry about me. I… I'm fine.

FINCH:You said there was a third person you're looking into? 

REESE:Ex-convict named Charles Robinson. Hansen and Wheeler prosecuted him threeyears back, armed robbery. Robinson wrote them love letters from prison. He'sthe first one I'm gonna be looking into. Robinson was released two months ago. Hansenpulled his file last week.


REESE:Don't move. 

ROBINSON:I don't have much but you're welcome to take whatever you need. I've been whereyou've been.

REESE:I don't think Robinson is our man. He burned through a box of highlighters onhis King James Bible, none of it Old Testament, none of it Revelations.

FINCH:Fine, one down.


FINCH:Hansen's on the move. She's phoning county lockup, arranging a meeting withPope, alone.

POPE:Isn't my lawyer supposed to be here for this? 

DIANE:I can call him if you want, but the reason I'm here is I don't think youmurdered those people. I think somebody else was in the house when that 911call was made. Somebody who told you what he said, which means you weren'tthere. Is it somebody you're trying to protect? 

POPE[OVER PHONE]: You're gonna help me? Is that it? Where you from, Ohio? I metDA's before, you do a couple years of this then try for a high-dollar job at alaw firm. What happened, you get left behind? I know a guy that'd put you towork out on a corner.

DIANE:Oh. Close. I grew up in Michigan, Brightmoor. You know where that is?  I don't think you would've lasted very longthere, Lawrence. I know what it's like to want to get out of a place so badyou'd be willing to do almost anything. And that's why I know, if you're gonnatake the fall for this you must be very very scared. Now the person who knowswhat happened that night must be somebody you care about. Is it your youngerbrother Michael? 

REESE:Pope's got a brother. It's in his case file.

FINCH:Got it.

DIANE:Did he see the real killers? 

POPE:You should leave this alone, lady. I can do the time.Figure I'll make amendsfor all the things you never caught me on cause I'm bad. These people, they'reevil. Kill anyone they want. They're protected from on high.If you keep askingquestions, they'll kill me and my brother and probably you too.

DIANE:Whoever this people Lawrence, you can trust me. We'll take care of you and yourbrother. If the killers are out there, I'm gonna find them whether you help meor not. It's my job. Now, why don't you…

POPE:Bitch, you keep your damn mouth shut or I'll shut it for you.



DIANE:I'm fine.

REESE:Okay. She's okay. She's okay. Finch? You were right about Hansen. Whoeverframed Pope will be coming after her, and only Pope's brother Michael knows whothey are.


JESSICA[OVER PHONE]: Hi, Mom. It's Jessica. I'm just down in Mexico with Cindy, and I'llbe back tomorrow, okay? Talk soon. Bye.



REESE:I look like a Cindy?

JESSICA:Yeah. I didn't tell her about us yet. It's been six months. You mean you haven'ttold your mom you left your ex? Maybe you're starting to think you got a bumdeal trading an officer for an enlisted man.

JESSICA:I wish this weekend could go on forever.

REESE:Already has. It's Tuesday.

JESSICA:Yes, which means that you have to go back to the base and I'm not gonna see youagain for two weeks, which I hate.

REESE:Then ask me to stay. I will……I'll quit, I'll quit.

JESSICA:Okay, then quit.

REESE:I already did.


REESE:Yeah.  I didn't wanna take the chancethat you wouldn't be here when I got back. I've been training my whole life forsomething that's never gonna happen. Everybody's too damn rich to go to war.I'm obsolete and I love it. Because it means I get to be with you. I get mydischarge in a month. Then I'm gonna buy a boat, and you get to be my firstmate. But first we need some more tequila.


[REESECHUCKLING]: Hey, sweetheart, what's wrong? Jessica. What's wrong? 

JESSICA:Uh, it's New York……I don't know. I don't know. Something happened this morning.

REESE:Is it a plane crash?

JESSICA:I think it's two, I think it's two planes.




WHEELER:You went to see Pope last night? 

DIANE:Yeah. I gave him one more chance to turn in his accomplice. Cut a deal.

WHEELER:He give you anything? 

DIANE:No, as usual. I'm, uh I'm late.

REESE:She's trying to track down Pope's brother Michael. He can ID the real killers.

FINCH:And she's stonewalling Wheeler. What? Does she think he's involved? RememberPope said they were protected from on high.

REESE:Wait a second. Turns out there's a good reason she doesn't trust Wheeler. Hemight be working with the killers, and they're after Michael Pope. We betterget to this kid before someone else does.




REESE:Michael? Can I talk to you for a second? I got a message from your brother.

MICHEAL:You don't know my brother. 

REESE:Not exactly, but I know what you saw. I'm not the only one looking for you. Youneed to come with me.

MICHAEL:Hey! Hey! Help me. Hey, this man is trying to put me into a taxicab with him. He'strying to take pictures of me.

WORKERS:What's going on?

REESE:How you doing?

FINCH:Michael Pope's still on the subway.

REESE:Yeah. When he comes up for air you can use the GPS on your phone to find him.

REESE:If Pope's right about these guys, I'm gonna need a little more than a cellphone.

FINCH:About that, I don't like firearms very much.

REESE:Neither do I. But if someone has to have them I'd rather it was me. Besides, myfriend from the subway has a line on some …… lightly used steep discount.

[RAPMUSIC PLAYING ON STEREO] Let's roll, let's roll Let's rock, let's rock Rock,roll Rock, roll Hit the block Hit the block Let's roll, let's roll, Let's rock,let's rock

MAN1:Uh, what about this one?

MAN2:Are you planning on buying that one?

MAN1:I'm just ……

MAN2:Put it back on the table before somebody else kicks your ass.

REESE:Have you guys seen the men's room? Hey, Anton, good to see you again.

MAN2:You know this guy? 

REESE:Wow, that's some pretty serious equipment. Have you guys taken a safety course?Take you for instance, you're holding that thing sideways, you can't aim it,and two, it'll eject a shell casing right into your face. See?


REESE:I'm gonna hold on to these while you guys get some more practice. Have a niceday.

MAN2:Who the hell was that? 


FINCH:All right, you're in.

REESE:Wheeler's got a secret file on Hansen, Finch. Old cases they worked together.

FINCH:Sounds interesting. Pictures, please. Wait, wait, someone's coming. It'sHansen. Okay, now. You can go, go, go, go. Reese? I got a signal from yourphone.

REESE:Tell me you found Michael Pope. He's the only one who knows who's coming afterHansen.

FINCH:I found him, but somebody else found him first. Listen.

MAN:Oh, Mikey. You are gonna tell him all about us, weren't you? Hmm? Head up town.

FINCH:Are you hearing this? 

REESE:97th, river side, step on it.

STILLS:Gonna put a couple in the back of his head. Make it look like a gang thing.

FINCH:You gotta do something.

REESE:Relax. I'm on it. Keep the change.


MICHAEL:You're crazy. We're both dead now. Do you know who they are? 

REESE:I do now. They're cops. Come on.


REESE[ON MONITOR]: What exactly have you gotten me into? 

FINCH[ON MONITOR]: I don't know. That's the whole point. I hired you to help mefigure that out.

REESE:Here. I think we're up against a group of corrupt cops. I think their nexttarget is Hansen. But I don't know for certain. I don't know anything forcertain because you won't tell me where you're getting your information.

FINCH:When the towers came down, you were in a hotel in Mexico. I was here. I wasworking, didn't even know about the attacks until that evening. You see, Mr. Reese,until that day, I had spent the better part of my life making myself very rich.Suddenly, all that money didn't seem to amount to much. Do you have a phone?Could you turn it off? Let's walk. Then I got a telephone call from an oldfriend that works at the Pentagon. After the attacks the government gave itselfthe power to read every e-mail, listen to every cell phone. But they neededsomething that could sort through it all, something that could pick theterrorists out of the general population before they could act.

REESE:They tried. Able Danger, Spinnaker, TIA. But they were all failures.

FINCH:Well, their biggest failure was bad PR. The public wanted to be protected. Theyjust didn't want to know how they were been protected. So when they finally gota system that worked, they kept it secret.

REESE:So how do you know about it? 

FFINCH:I built it. "Good with computers.”, remember?  But there was a problem with this machine. Ihad built it to prevent the next 9/11. But it was seeing all sorts of crimes. SoI had to teach the machine to divide the things it saw into two lists: relevantand irrelevant. Events that would cause massive loss of life were relevant. Sothose would be passed along to the NSA or the FBI.

REESE[ON MONITOR]: And the irrelevant information? Every night at midnight, themachine erases it. It was only later that I realized my mistake. The wholepoint of Pandora's Box, once you open it, you can't close it. The idea of thatirrelevant list was eating away at me, all those people with no idea what wascoming for them.

REESE:So where is the machine now? 

FINCH:What, the drives? Who knows? A government facility somewhere. But the machine?The machine is everywhere, watching us with 10,000 eyes, listening with amillion ears.

MAN:What did I tell you about sending e-mails? 

WOMAN[ON MONITOR]: You could move in.

MAN:Never put anything in an e-mail you cannot own.

REESE:You gave yourself a way to communicate with it? 

FINCH:I was building the government a tool of unimaginable power. I thought maybe an offswitch would come in handy. So I built myself a backdoor into it.

REESE:To access the irrelevant list.

FINCH:Just a Social Security number. If anyone ever found out, I'd lose access. Sonine digits, that's all we get.

REESE:And we have no idea why it picked Diane Hansen?

FINCH:It wouldn't be steering us toward her if it wasn't seeing something.

REESE:I don't know if I can protect Hansen. I can't see the whole picture.

FINCH:I offered you a job, Mr. Reese. Never said it would be easy.


KANE:Hey, Carter.


KANE:You hear about your pal Anton? 


KANE:He and his father tried to buy some guns, wound up getting shot when they areall merchandise

CARTER:Are they dead? 

KANE:Nope. Embarrassed enough, they got taken out by one guy in a suit.


FINCH:We've got all the parts. Question is how do they all fit together? 

REESE:Stills is narcotics. He and his men get word of deals. They steal the drugs,the cash, and kill all the witnesses.

FINCH:Then they get Fusco to frame up guys like Lawrence Pope for the murders.

REESE:Exactly. They've already killed five people.



FINCH:Lawrence Pope was stabbed to death last night in his cell. They're trying tocover their tracks. They couldn't possibly pull this off without someone on theinside at the DA's office.

REESE:That's Wheeler. He's been spying on Hansen and pulling their old case files,including the one for Robinson, the same Robinson that sent Wheeler and Hansendeath threats from prison.

REESE:You think they are looking for someone they can frame for Hansen’s murder likethey framed Pope? 

FINCH:No, I think they found him. But what do we do? 

REESE:We stop them.


STILLS[OVER PHONE]: You wanted to meet? Remsen and Avenue D in Canarsie, 20 minutes.

REESE:Finch, it's happening now.

HANSEN:Hello? Are you here? Hello? You're gonna keep me waiting, Stills, we don't havetime for this.

STILLS:What's your problem? Pope is dead. His brother is gone, and we're still searchingfor the clown who took him.

HANSEN:The problem is Wheeler, you idiot. He knows. He knows about Pope and maybe evensome of the others. I told you we should have taken care of this guy weeks ago.I even found a shooter for you. Stop dragging your feet on this.

STILLS:How much time do we have? 

HANSEN:24 to 48 hours before he goes to the DA, tops. I can take care of the files atthe office. But you have to take care of Wheeler, tonight.

FUSCO:Hey, look what I found. We've got ourselves a groupie, heavily armed too.

STILLS:You know this guy?


STILLS:You're not law enforcement. Cartel finally grow some stones? Who the hell areyou? 

REESE:Concerned third party? Ha, ha.

HANSEN:He's alone, that's what he is, so it doesn't matter. Take care of him. And, uh,get rid of Wheeler tonight. Make it look clean.

Hey,Stills. You screw this up, I won't let it get to me. I'll take care of you justlike I took care of Pope. I can look after myself, you know that.

REESE:Nice spot.

FUSCO:It's Oyster Bay. Glad you like it. You're gonna be here a long, long time.

REESE:I'm curious. Was there a point where you knew you'd become a bad guy? 

FUSCO:I got a mortgage to pay, same as everybody else. I woke up one day and Irealized I gotta guard these assholes on the Wall Street robbing everybodyblind. They are stealing more than my annual salary in an afternoon. So I say, whatthe hell? 

REESE:I don't believe you. See, I've been watching you, Lionel, and I think there's abig difference between you and your friends. Your heart's not really into it. Stills,he does it for money. But I think you do it because you're loyal.

FUSCO:What's the difference? 

REESE:It's why I'm gonna let you live.


REESE:Yeah. I'm considering sticking around New York for a while. If I do, I'm gonnaneed someone on the inside, and you might come in handy.

FUSCO:Uh, So I'm working for you now?

REESE:That's right. But I've got two rules. One, you so much as hurt anybody and I'llkill you. I don't particularly like killing people, but I'm very good at it. Andtwo, you have to be more careful. For instance, if you're gonna put someone in theback seat of your car you have to search them properly.

FUSCO:What the….?


FUSCO:What are you doing? 

REESE:You have your vest on, officer? 




FINCH:Where the hell have you……? 

REESE:There's no time. We were wrong. Hansen isn't the target. She's the ringleader. They'regoing after Wheeler, tonight.


AZARELLO:Yo, Wheeler's up there. He heads to the gym most nights. I got Doyle upstairssneaking him up. Place is a dump. There's no doorman, no cameras, nobody.

STILLS:We'll take him in the lobby. Soon as it's done, we take the shooter out. Givehim a block and then take him out. Head shots this time, you understand?

AZARELLO:Yeah, yeah.

STILLS:Get our friend out of this trunk.

AZARELLO:Who is this guy? 

STILLS:Some ex-con Wheeler put away. Azarello, lights.

STILLS:Doyle, talk to me. 

DOYLE:He's coming out now.

WHEELER:Come on, Henry, let's go.


WHEELER:Remember that basketball game we're supposed to go to? Come on.

DOYLE:Damn, he's got his kid with him.

STILLS:What a waste.

WHEELER:Better watch out.

STILLS:You're a very bad man, Charles. You're about to kill a man and his son.

CHARLES:Please……please don't do this.

REESE:Drop your weapon.

WHEELER:I think that's true, actually. You keep working on it, you'll be able to throwthat fast.



REESE:Let him go.

STILLS:I can't do that. I let him go, my friends and I go to jail.


REESE:Drag your friend outside and take him to the hospital, right now. I think Iwill kill you and your friend here. Make it look like you killed each other. Then,just because you pissed me off, I'm going to kill your family, and all yourfriends.

REESE:I don't have any friends. I don't have any family left, either, left them allbehind., went around the world looking for bad guys. But there were plenty ofyou, right here, all along.



ATTORNEY:So now, essentially, you're telling us you couldn't see what was happening inthe parking lot at all. I'm done, Your Honor.

SMITH:Ms.Hansen? The state isn't paying you by the hour, counselor.

HANSEN:Why don't we have the defendant tell you in her own words? Let's listen to the911 call she made.

HANSEN[ON RECORDING]: And, hey, take care of Wheeler, tonight. Make it look clean. Stills,you screw this up, I won't let it get to me. I'll take care of you just like Itook care of Pope. I can look after myself, you know that.


REESE:You ready to get to work, officer? 

FUSCO:I'm no good to you. I'm dead, just a matter of time before the gangs get me, orIA.

REESE:No one knows you're involved. I took care of that. Besides, they'll be too busylooking for Stills. The police will think he's run for it. The gangs and themob will think he's gone Witness Protection.

FUSCO:Is that where he is, Witness Protection?

REESE:No, Lionel. He's in the trunk. I gave him a choice and he chose wrong. Onlyproblem is, uh, well, I had to shoot him with your gun and you'd have a hardtime explaining that one. So, ha, ha, you'll be taking another trip. But I'm notcoming along this time.

FUSCO:Where am I going?

REESE:Oyster Bay, where no one's gonna find him for a long, long time. I'll be intouch.


FINCH:You have a decision to make.

REESE:The machine gave you another number.

FINCH:The numbers never stop coming. You should know that up front.

REESE:Two questions, first, why me? 

FINCH:I've been watching you for a long time, John. We have more in common than youmight think. The world thinks we're both dead, for starters. You said two questions.

REESE:You programmed the machine to delete those irrelevant numbers. But now you'retrying to save them. What changed your mind? 

FINCH:Let's just say you're not the only one that's lost someone. If you wanna leave,I'll give you enough money to get as far as you need. Disappear.

REESE:And if I stay? 

FINCH:They'll come looking for you, the police, the mob, your old friends at the CIA.If you stay and we continue to do this, sooner or later, both of us willprobably wind up dead, actually dead, this time. I said I'd tell you the truth.I didn't say you'd like it.

CARTER:Start talking, officer.

AZARELLO:You think I'm gonna rat on my friends? Please, you can tell the DA all aboutyour crooked pals. I wanna know about him, the guy who came after you.

AZARELLO:I don't know anything. He was just some guy alone, in a suit.

CARTER:Yeah you're gonna tell me everything that you don't know about him and where Ican find him.


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【POI 105】



【POI 105】






流浪是兔子小姐的特长。 ”

——出自歌曲《兔子先生》: (有修改)







流浪是兔子小姐的特长。 ”

——出自歌曲《兔子先生》: (有修改)




















































































































































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【POI 103】


【POI 103】

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【POI 102】



【POI 102】

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【POI 102】


【POI 102】




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101和104的时候,Finch都曾在Reese失联的时候情不自禁说出了where the hell这样略带责备情绪的话,因为那个时候他并不熟悉李员工的工作套路以及遭遇的危险,后来他就再也不这样用词了。



101和104的时候,Finch都曾在Reese失联的时候情不自禁说出了where the hell这样略带责备情绪的话,因为那个时候他并不熟悉李员工的工作套路以及遭遇的危险,后来他就再也不这样用词了。



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老板:朕不找你,你不能来找朕 (¬︿¬)

【POI 102】


老板:朕不找你,你不能来找朕 (¬︿¬)

【POI 102】

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【POI 102】


【POI 102】

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真的爱你们TAT 【POI 1...


【POI 101】


【POI 101】

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【POI 501】


【POI 501】

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【POI 501】



【POI 501】

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【POI 419】



【POI 419】















Sherlock Holmes: [from WGN America's "Prime Crime" crossover ad with "Elementary"] We solve mysteries and fight crime.

Harold: We solve mysteries and stop crimes before...






Sherlock Holmes: [from WGN America's "Prime Crime" crossover ad with "Elementary"] We solve mysteries and fight crime.

Harold: We solve mysteries and stop crimes before they start.

Sherlock Holmes: We use deductive logic.

Harold: We use cutting-edge technology.

Sherlock Holmes: I have a beautiful and alluring partner

Harold: [beat] So do I.

[Reese gives him a look]

Joan Watson: Awkward.