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Cora_Timely 2020-04-17

With the magical start of 2020, many companies started super long standby mode, or even forced to press the pause button. According to statistics,the national urban unemployment rate rose from 4.9% in December last year to 6.2% in February this year. However, after returning to work in March, the labor market has shown signs of a rebound in supply and demand.


The epidemic has brought unprecedented damage to many industries, especially the traditional offline retail enterprises, while it has brought new development opportunities to the Internet e-commerce, online and offline combined new retail enterprises. At present, many people run their businesses online, they settled in moubao, moudong,mouyin platform etc. and then selling goods on live broadcast. One business license can be placed on multiple platforms to help you open the online mode, get more netflow, and seize the market.


How to turn a crisis into a turning point?

Do you have a startup business plan?

How to register a company?

Don't worry, we will help you, the way to start a business begins from the registered company!


What are the advantages of registering a company?

1. Have a legal business entity and enjoy the broader protection of national policies;

2. Running business with business license, improve the credibility of the enterprise and the integrity of the entrepreneur;

3.To assume limited legal liabilities without personal assets involved;

4. It is convenient to establish the company's brand, expand the channels and settle in the e-commerce platform;

5. It is convenient for financing and credit, and can apply for credit loans from banks, enterprise mortgage loans and other ways to raise funds;

6. It is convenient to purchase social security, issue invoices, enjoy entrepreneurial subsidies, tax incentives, etc .;

7. You can apply for work residence permit for foreign employees.


In order to thanks the new and old customers for their long-term trust and support, and respond to the call of the country to work together to tide over the difficulties, help the enterprise to resume production, against the wind! our company carries out heart-warming activities as follows:


Time: April 15 - April 30


Activity 1: Register Domestic Company For Free

During the event, make an order for company bookkeeping from our company, we will help you register a domestic company, without any service fee!

Company type: Domestic company & self-employed company

Bookkeeping package (small scale):

Package 1: 3600 yuan for one year, only 300 yuan / month;

Package 2: buy 2 years get 3 months free, that means, 27months, 7200 yuan, as low as 266 yuan / month;


Activity 2: Collect likes and get masks

During the event, if you follow our company wechat official account(Timely辰利), share the latest article to your Moments, collect 51 likes, send the screenshots of the likes, and the shipping information (name, phone address) to our wechat official account, you can get 20 masks for free!

The mask will be sent to the lucky ones on April 30th;

Each account can only get once;

Limited quantities, first come first served! Move your finger and join us! ~


Register company for free, round you a business dream! Any question, please contact us at 020-83652006.

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