Apply for China Driving License
Cora_Timely 2020-04-27

Sorry to tell you that, China doesn't accept the use of international driving licenses on its roads, meaning if you're a foreigner and you want to drive here, you'll need to get yourself a Chinese driving license. The process for foreigners to do this can seem a little confusing, but with a bit of preparation and an acceptance of Chinese bureaucracy, it doesn't need to be too painful.

What’s more,Chinese Driver’s Licenses are valid in Mainland China only. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for one to be able to drive in the mainland.

We, Timely,locate in Guangzhou city,professional and guaranteed service provider. If you would like to apply for Chinese driving license in Guangzhou,please feel free to get back to me.We will help you to make things much easier and save your time.


Documents required:

1. Photocopy of the passport page and current visa page (visa which must be valid for at least 90 days)

2. Temporary registration form from your local police station.

3. Photocopies of both sides of your foreign license along with the original, and translation.


What you need to do?

1. Study the theory exam questions, and pass the exam(required 90 percent or above).

2. Have the health check on site.


For more details,please feel free to get back to me.


Contact info:

Tel:+86 020-83652006

Skype: Cora Yeung


Add: Room832-833,Garden Tower Office,No.368 HuanshiDong Rd. Yuexiu District,Guangzhou (Metro Line 5,Taojin Exit A)


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