office desk and chair repair
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Wipe the stains on the tables and chairs with salt. Sometimes there will be a circle of stains on the tables and chairs. As long as you sprinkle some salt and drop some salad oil, you can brush them clean. Gasoline or turpentine can also be removed, but in order to avoid depainting the desktop, it is better to wipe it with salt. If it really cannot be removed, use the above cleaner again.


Wipe the metal tables and chairs with toothpaste. The general dirt of metal tables and chairs can be wiped slowly with a little toothpaste dipped in a soft cloth. If the stain is stubborn, squeeze more toothpaste and wipe it repeatedly with a cloth. Because the toothpaste contains abrasives, the decontamination is very strong.


Do not wipe the dust on the surface of tables and chairs with a dry cloth. Dust is composed of fiber, sand and silica soil. Many people are used to clean the surface of tables and chairs with dry rags. In fact, these fine particles in the back and forth of the friction, resulting in the surface of the table and chair dull rough, no longer bright.


Do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean tables and chairs. Soap water, detergent and other cleaning products can not effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of tables and chairs, and because they are corrosive, they will damage the surface of tables and chairs.


Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn to wipe tables and chairs. It's better to use towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannelette and other absorbent fabrics to clean the tables and chairs. Old clothes, such as coarse cloth, cloth with thread head or with suture, button, etc., which may cause scratches on the surface of tables and chairs, should be avoided as much as possible.


Maintenance strategy of office desk and chair


Desks should be protected from moisture. If you accidentally pour water on the desk at work, immediately wipe the water with a dry cloth to avoid the water remaining on the desk, and then corrode the desk. To clean the office table and chair, pay attention to use a clean cloth which is not easy to depilate to wipe with water. The cloth should be soft, and try not to use too hard or rough cloth or dirty cloth to wipe, so as to effectively prevent the office table from being scratched or secondary pollution. Be sure to clean the desk with a clean rag.


Desks and chairs shall be protected from direct sunlight. Try to prevent the long-term exposure of the whole or part of the desk by the outdoor sunlight. The best place to put it is in the place where the sunlight can be avoided, or the transparent gauze window cloth can be used to separate from the direct sunlight, so as not to affect the indoor lighting, but also to maintain the desk.


Repair the desk and chair. After a long-term use of office desks and chairs, there are usually many abrasions, scratches or scratches on the desktop. In this case, you don't need to worry. You just need to send them back to the original factory for renovation in the way of after-sales service. After renovation, they are just like new products. The advantage of this is that it saves a lot of expenses for re installing office furniture and saves the company's operating costs.


Maintenance of the brightness of office tables and chairs. If you want to maintain the glossiness of office furniture, you can choose two kinds of furniture maintenance products: wax spray and cleaning agent. Before using furniture wax spray and cleaning agent, shake well, then hold the spray tank directly, then spray on the dry cloth in the center of the interval about 15 centimeters. So wipe the furniture again, then you can have a good cleaning effect.


Mastering the right cleaning method and maintenance method can prolong the service life of the office desk and make your desk look brand new. Hurry up and take good care of your office desk!

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