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With the development of economy, modern office furniture presents a diversified situation, which also determines the diversity of materials used in office furniture. However, the partition workstation also follows the trend, and now it has become the new mainstream of office furniture.

In the past, we used to use traditional desks when we worked, which were almost the same both at home and in the company. However, there is a big difference now. The traditional desk is still used at home, and the office screen working group is more used in the office now. So why is screen working group more used in the office? It has even become a new mainstream. Screen working groups are used in almost all offices. What are the advantages of screen working group?

Advantages I. strong adjustability

Screen working group can put several work units together, or choose screens of different colors and materials according to personal needs, and create a space of their own in the office! It can also communicate with the outside world, so the adjustment function of screen working group is very powerful.

Advantages II. Strong decoration

In the environment where the screen working group is used, many items placed on the desktop are separated by the screen working group, which will make the office look more tidy, so the screen working group also has the function of decoration and creates a good working environment for employees. In addition, the sound insulation effect of this screen working group is very good.

Advantages III. promoting work efficiency

The screen working group can facilitate our work without affecting each other's work. The screen working group we usually see in the office is two in one. This can promote the feelings between employees. At the same time, due to the screen relationship on the desktop, the privacy of each other can be well protected, and there will be no embarrassing scenes at work.

Screen work place is a whole composed of screen and desk. The combination of screen work place is more and more used in office space. The outer frame of screen is aluminum alloy frame. The surface can be made of chenille cloth and melamine finish. The chenille cloth finish is easy to be dirty and not easy to clean. The plate office screen is wear-resistant and easy to clean. Various colors are available for selection. It can be used for decoration The style is more perfect, and the effect is better than the chenille cloth. The top cover, side cover and skirting board of the screen are all made of aluminum alloy. The desk top is connected with the support, drawer and filing cabinet by the screen and various accessories. The bottom of the screen frame of the Office is equipped with horizontal adjusting feet, which can be adjusted according to different floors.

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