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Nice copywriting
Alice Zhu 2019-04-18

Ogilvy is the best advertising company I've always wanted to go to, and I really adore Grandpa Ogilvy, so I want to talk about his famous copywriting in this article.

" Hello, moto". This is the copywriting for Motorola, a brand for electrical products. I really like this copywriting. On the one hand, it can use for the products power-off, let customers feel kind. On the othet hand, I think this slogan is simple and powerful, which can attract more users know it.

"At 5 p.m.

It's the best time for the cafe business.

It's also the noisiest time.

A mime performer outside the window.

The show is going up and down stairs.

In the whole environment,

Only he and I need not speak.

—— He doesn't talk to make a living.

I enjoy not speaking.

There's no need to get excited about communicating with people.

I'm in the Left Bank Cafe.

Pretend to be dumb."

This is the copwriting for the Left Bank Coffee, I like this passage very much. The copywriter compares himself with a dumb person, which is very in line with the mentality of every consumer sitting in a coffee shop. People like to go to a coffee shop to enjoy their time with themselves without having to talk to others. In a word, this passage can make me feel happy and comfortable in the coffee shop.

"Death as an adversary," Nike wrote. People often think of basketball when they mention Nike and football when they mention Adidas, so Nike consumers are naturally many basketball fans. Basketball pays attention to momentum and speed, and even many people begin to compete on shoes, so this text is very in line with the psychology of many basketball fans.

All in all, I think good copywriting should not only make the main consumers have the impulse to buy immediately, but also conform to the image and living atmosphere that the brand or product wants to create. The above three cases I think have done very well.

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