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A case study about Art direction
廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-05-08

My favorite international 4A is McCann, because this agency believes that “TRUTH WELL TOLD”, it is the slogan of this company. I really hate one word “Educate”, why we can educate customers, just because we are advertising men? We just show the truth to people in a creative way. Because I love this company so that I did a lot research about it from long ago. The last chief creative directer was Mo kangsun, and Hang tianyi who was Singapore McCann chief creative directer became the leader of Greater China at 2016. As for Mo,  after he retired from McCann, he still works in advertising and he found a creative boutique named by MATCH in Shanghai. I want to show a case of MATCH for NIVEA.


In most people’s mind, Nivea is a men cosmetics brand. However, last year, this brand came out with a foam cleanser. There are some special points for this product. The first one is this cleanser can make many micron level foams. The second is it is mild and natural. Match’s job is to create a newadvertising campaign which aims to spread this product and make people realize that Nivea also has girl’s products. 

The creative concept:


Actually, there are a lot of same products focusing on foams. So how to make Nivea’s foam cleanser become more funny and more interesting. The Match’s answer is that our foam looks like an ice cream cone. And they designed a new box packaging which including one product and a cone. This cleanser is not only a cleanser, but also people can play it and make own ice cream. During this process the selling point is rooted in people’s hearts.  

There are some different styles design for same product. The point is the whole  process from brainstorming to finish all those things only spends 23 days. This is also an advantage for boutique. The time is life, especially in advertising. This speed is impossible for a traditional 4a. 


After the first round spreading on the online, this product was time-limited sold at Tall-Nivea official flagship store at 24-26 September. Mo is a really cool man, he worked for McCann about 26 years, and after that he continues working in advertising. He devote his whole life to advertising. Besides, he also focuses on advertising education, he is a Jilin university professor and often holds lectures. It is not a very common situation that a person can keep the high-

quality all the time. Just like himself says that “I love advertising, I am not a workaholic, it just like a hobby of mine, the achievements advertising bring to me make me can not stop.” 

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