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Advertising's responsibility
廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-05-14

Yesterday, one of my friends told me that he found an excellent TV commercial which was about Artificial Intelligence. The product is a Parent-Child robot. It can store parents’ voices, and children can play with it when their parents are busy. It can give children sense of reality, because of its voice. The insight is that most of people think Artificial Intelligences are still machines, they are impassible and can not replace human-being. Artificial Intelligence and high-tech products will alienate relationships among people, such as smart phone. However, this advertisement pointed put that their product could strengthen the relationship between parents and children. Usually, especially in most of China cities, parents are pretty busy and they do not have enough time to accompany children. This situation is common. However, this robot can store parents’ voice and imitate their tone. It can even tutor children’s homework. The developer of this robot believes that this product can solve the problem of most of parents are busy and can not accompany children. 

This product sounds great. For advertising angle, the insight is also incisive. However, there is a problem that if this robot can really replace parents? This advertisement’s target audiences are parents, but the users are children. I did some research about it. This is called The third person effect hypothesis in mess media. Are children really want to play with a robot? We do not know, but I believe that many parents will buy this product. This product more like a psychological compensation for parents. Does this product really can solve the accompany issue? Only children know. No business operators is in isolation from society or from competition. Every company should take own society responsibilities rather than just making money. 

Magnum's TV commercial: The video's link

There is a similar case. Magnum, an ice cream brand, shot a TV commercial at 2016. The main plot of this video is centered on several women who look like supermodels walk the beasts, such as Panther, tiger, eagle and polar bear on the street and they hold a Magnum ice cream. Other people see them with astonishing eyes. The final copywriting is #release your beast. The aim of this advertisement is dispel girls’ worries. When they want to eat an ice cream, they are afraid getting fat because of it. This advertisement tries to tell them do not be afraid at those things and release your beast, dare to double and just eat it. This idea and art directions are so clever, but it is a general knowledge that eating too much ice cream is bad for health. The Magnum’s way is correct and legal, but as a company, it can not persuade people to do something which have potential threat for their healths in this way just because they want to make money. It is unfair, if a girl who have insisted on losing weight for a period of time sees this advertisement, she will shake the losing weight belief and perhaps will buy one which means the efforts she has done are in vain. If #Release the beast should be decided by customers themselves rather than company. 


We can not say those advertisements are wrong, because as advertising men the first job is help the company to sell products as many as they can. However, during the processes, there are some ethics issues relating with it and we need to consider. I am strongly believe that every company should take their society responsibilities and advertising should also care about those things. We are the voice, which also means more duties.

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