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A Digital medium case study
廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-05-15

Last Christmas, KFC planed a very successful campaign in digital media. The main product is “K-Coffee”. The idea was that KFC redesigned cup package. It looked like the below. 


Each of them has a hand icon which is copied from a real super star’s hand. In this way, when people hold this cup of coffee, they will feel like that they really hold their idol’s hand. The copywriting was that “This Christmas hold my hand.” For fans, they can not say no to it. Moreover, K-Coffee also applied the “VR” technology. When people scan QR-code which is printed in the package, a short video, which showed pop star’s holiday blessings, will appear in people’s phones. There were 4 stars in all and each of them had one particular cup package. 

Actually, KFC did not put those posters and videos on the traditional channels, such as TV, newspaper and magazine, but all of this campaign began at Weibo(a Chinese digital media) on the KFC’s official account. There are some UGC coming from the Internet. From those messages, we can know that most of fans get the idea and feel exciting about this campaign. KFC’s brand recognition is improved. 


When whole coffee market focus on the quality of coffee bean, mouthfeel and lifestyle, K-coffee used an old way but a new representation to contact young people. From traditional advertising time to digital world, using KOLs to do marketing is common way. However, this KFC’s campaign provided a new case reference. They even pushed out gloves and some other peripheral products with the same idea. 

This is the H5 designed for K-coffee. Users can put their hands on the phone screen, and the H5 will produce a report about your hand’s condition such as temperature, character. Users can immerse into this game, and get the brand’s intention further. 


On my personal opinion, as an advertising man, we should decide which kind of media we want to use during a campagin, rather than media choose us. We should know clearly about why we want to use digtal media. It is not enough just because digtal media are cheaper. In this case, KFC chose Weibo as the starting point, becuase the target audiences are pop stars' fans who are active on all of social media. They follow their idols. This case can provide a new angle to carry "Star marketing". Not just follow old advertising way, just a spokesman hold one product and says "This is good, and buy it". 

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