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Some thinking about copywriting
廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-05-22

The topic of this blog is copywriting. I want to show some my own understanding about copywriting first, and then I want to do a case study that are a series of outdoor advertisements created by DDB, France for Honda. 


Every copywriter ever had a dream about becoming a novelist or a writer. They have pursuits of literature. However, they usually give it up after finishing the first chapter or more. In April, Miami Ad school started a Campaign named by # Chapter 1. This campaign aimed to collect those uncompleted novels’ first chapter from 100+ senior copywriters all over the world, and planed to publish a novel collection named by “ Chapter 1”. They used Linked to invest a lot of copywirters participating in this campaign.

The point I want to state is that the reason why I thought copywriting was difficult was that I spent a lot of time thinking about how to relate the concept and my feeling rather than the product. Because I also dreamed about becoming a writer, I tried my best to show my own feeling and understanding about this concept almost by reflex. The result was that only few people could get my point expect me. Advertising is not a perceptual major. Sometimes copywriting can be an easy part in advertising, showing the relation between the concept and product is always important. On this basis, If we can develop literary talents, this will be better. 


There are a series of outdoor advertisements for Honda motorcycle. The main aim is to remind middle-aged people do not forget their inner children. The most attractive copy to strike me in first poster is that “Sure, you never walked on the moon, or as we call it, the empty dusty acneic not even a planet boring ball.” This sentence shows the psychology of mid-aged people expressively. The whole long copywriting’s tempo works well, 50% of copy shows some common psychologies of target audiences and the another 50% show how to solve midlife crisis by Honda’s motorcycle. The font is also selected carefully, even though it is a handwriting font which the identification is lower than type script, it makes whole poster become lively. I also like the way how designers deal with the word “more” and “less”. This handwriting font can also show the main idea of “inner child”. It looks like wrote by children. 


The copywriting in second poster is that “Your children will hate you eventually. Now you can choose that day.” The word Children has two meaning, one is real children, the other one is your inner child. A word of double meaning is a useful copywriting skill. 


How to be a good copywriter?  This is a big question, and different people have different answer. I did some research about it. There are some notes which I think they are helpful for me. The first one is reading more. Not just reading professional books or textbooks, but try some new fields such as technology, history, physics and even some military science books. The second of is traveling more. I am strongly believe that I never can get a brilliant copywriting in my dormitory, because it is too small. I stay in the dormitory, my mind also is restricted by it. 

Thank you watching my Blog. 

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