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廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-06-12

Last year the CMO of CocaCola was replaced by CGO.Marketing is replaced by Growth. This blog I will show some my own understanding about “Growth”. 


Actually, when I was a year two student. I thought insight was the most important thing in advertising. Everything can be solved by insight. A short but strong brand slogan could make a new brand become a famous brand. This the charming part of advertising. Advertising insight is always important. Many famous advertising men also believe this point. So I spent a lot time studying how to get an incisive insight. How to find the problem and how to solve the problem creatively, such as consumer behavior research, good visual design and correct strategy. However, when I had already known insight was the most important, I lost my direction. I did know which domain I should continue exploring. Or in another word, I did not find the weakness of insight, and it was very easy to fall into self-satisfied. But when mass media convert to decenter transmission networks, everyone live in their own information cocoons. No one’s self-feeling has universal meaning, it is too difficult to collect  and infer all of information about target audiences. I suppose that it is one of reasons why data bases are necessary. 


Insight is still important, but it should be used to find “where to grow”. The problem-solving ability still is important. Traditional advertising is declining day by day. From my own opinion, the mode of traditional advertising (TVC+Poster+Slogan)  is good, the point is that the fuzziness of traditional advertising at current marketing environment can not adapt to the clear marketing goal. Advertising men can not make sure that as long as putting TVC and posters into the market can help company to sell products. So no matter how good the insight found by advertising men is, it is still difficult to touch the client. Companies are doubtful about the effectiveness of advertising. 

I think this is the reason why social advertising campaign and digital advertising campaign become more and more popular, such as H5, event marketing, Weibo topic and e-commerce marketing. The social media and Internet rewrite the game rules of advertising. 


Posters and videos are good. However, we should not have a moded stereotype. An advertising campaign should include posters, videos and slogan. We should think why this campaign need those things. Just like a creative director of blue cursor said, “when he show the insight and ideas of his team to the client, they only have little response. But if he analyzes the whole operation mode of this company and points out where can be a growth starting point, when this company need a large-scale advertising campaign, the cline will be come very interested. I think CGO is clearer than CMO. It can provide a direction for advertising. 

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