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Growth hacker
廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-06-13

Growth hacker is a famous book that show how start-up companies gain a lot of users and keep a high conversion rate. There is always having two camps, with some critics assenting to that growth hacker is a very powerful tool for start-up companies to develop quickly, and the opposing camp claiming that growth hacker is a capital game. Those people do not really care the product quality, they only want their companies are on the stock market. But I think the AARRR still can be used as a reference. This blog mainly introduce the AARRR code and some own thinking about it. 

AARRR means “acquisition”, “Activation”, ‘Retention”, “revenue” and “refer”. This code provides a very clear way which can help start-up companies to gain users.


The first step is to gain users. It is very easy to understand. The meaning of building brand, promotional advertising campaign, colorful design, bold copywriting and the usage of logo, detail information about this product, visual designs, pictures are to let more people know this brand and product so that company can obtain the first batch seed users. 

The second step is to enhance the activation of users. At most cases, the users are very passive when they use this app first time. It is also passible that a part of users left after using once. This part of users are not true users. I think there are three reasons why this situation will happen. The first one is the tedious registration. Just like the marketing manager of Meituan, when Meituan was in initial stage, “Register and login by telephone number” this small process could let Meituan loss more than 40% users. Finally they had to allow users to login by WeChat account. Making the register process as easy as possible. The second one is product homogeneity. This point is easy to understand. There is already had a similar product in market, many people have become their users, they do not need yours. The last reason is that the reason of users’ first use is benefit-driven. 

The third step to raise the retention. How to retain customers is always a big headache thing for companies. The one thing companies can do is to optimize product and to provide the best user’s experience. 


The fourth is to revenue. The companies are concerned with this part most. There is a good code that we can use for reference. “Dedao” & “Fandeng” those two applications are famous for providing different industries high-quality knowledge. They take contextual marketing strategy. People need to pay some money or open memberships for listening their columns. “Dedao” & “Fandeng” are in charge of providing and collecting high-quality contents. As long as those contents are good enough, users are glad to pay for them. 

The last step is self-referral. A good advertisement can make people share and search spontaneously. During our thinking and design processes, we should give priority to “how can I make people want to know more information about this product after watching this advertisement” and “how can I make people like sharing my advertisement to their friends”. As a result, we need to analyze the users’ psychologies. Generally, there are five different mental representations when people do interpersonal communication: emotion expression, knowledge, entertainments, self-expression and benefit-driven(Wu, 2019). Advertising men should know clearly about which breakthrough point we want to choose. People’s antipathy degree to advertising will decline when advertising becomes a medium of self-communication. For emotion-expression and self expression, the topics of this kind of advertisements should more perceptual, such as hometown, family, love and dream. If people can show who they are by posting an advertisement,they will be glad to share it. For knowledge and entertainments, if people laugh after seeing this advertisement, or they understand somethings, they also will share and search it. Benefit-driven is a special way, and it is common in digital marketing. To be specific, if one company take this way, as long as one person share this company’s advertisement in their social media, they will get some coupons or some money. In this way, the company get many chances to propagate their products. Those five users’ psychologies provide different directions for us. 

Reference: Wu, X.Y., 2019. New Media Research: Research on Self-communication Psychology of WeChat Users in the Background of Social Media. [e-journal] 9(14). pp.102-103. Available through: <>. [Accessed 28 April 2019].

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