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Why UCAR did become successful
廣廈ADVERTISING 2019-06-13

I did a project for Union pay. The background was that Union pay is a governmental mobile payment platform, which meant it is safer than others. However, it was a little late to enter the market. According finding data, Ali Pay and WeChat pay took up more than 93% Chinese market shares in 2018. Our group’s challenge was that how to make more people want to choose Union pay rather than Ali Pay and WeChat pay. 

The competitors are too strong to beat from product quality(USP) this single angle. We had a long process in this project. The point is that I find a brand which is very similar to union pay, but it became successful. I learnt a lot from its marketing strategy and structure. This blog I am going to describe this case. 

UCAR Lnc is an Internet company which provides the Ride-hailing and Ride-sharing services. When it came to Ride-hailing market, Didi, Uber and Yidao almost monopolized the whole China market. They just like three big mountains. Many users chose to believe them because of the advertising campaigns, preferential policy and brand effect during the earlier stage. For UCAR, there were a lot of risks.

However, Yang who are the man behinds the UCAR staged that “ Didi, Uber and Yidao are “same company”. They are doing price war and after that, there will be only one company left.” I was shook by this words, and the fact is that Uber and Yidao backed out China market in 2016 in succession. He was right. He also points out that there is no technologic barrier for C2C. Everyone can become a driver in Uber or Didi as long as he has a car. 

The company can develop faster based on this point, meanwhile this way also brings the safety risks. This also is one of reasons why many Didi passengers are persecuted by Didi’s drivers. But UCAR always takes B2C, every driver is trained and must write formal suit and white gloves. UCAR’s mode can ensure the safety of passengers and can provide better services. UCAR also has demand for cars. All of cars must be black, and most of cars are Passat, Audi, Camry, Accord and other business car brands. 

Moreover, there is no technologic barrier for C2C, so the market competitions are very sharp. But Ucar used a differentiated marketing which helped it to develop into the second place in the whole market as a later one. 

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