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Open your mind and enjoy Creaive
Leonard Li 2019-05-15

Munchi is a brand which is focus on baby product. Next, I will show the latest posters of it made by Geometry advertising agency. So let us enjoy them.

Before I introduce the detail information of these three posters, you need to the key point of posters. As we all know, baby is funny and cute. However, before your identity change from a adult into a parent, you could never imagine the baby who cuold bring how a big disaster to you. When you hearing your baby crying, you must take care of he. 

So based on this background, there it is the key of this poster. If you have Munchi' nipple, it could make baby quiet. And parents could have enough time to do what they want, like play computer games or yoga etc.

In the next information, I will show my own view of these posters.

First thing I need to say is the Color, in the first sight, the color catch my eyes, 

they using soft and light orange, bule and pink. It bring consumers feelings just like home, very Intimate. These color characters also suit for their probuct's point.

Second is the layout, we could celarly see the key part, very straightful and catch consumers eyes. At the upper right corner there are some detail information about brand and proudct. Overall these three posters very clear and could stand out from many graphic posters. 

Third is the idea content, it is very vividly to show how nipple help parents solve baby noisy. As a target is easy to resonate with brand.

Therefore, I think it is a successful group of posters, it is make a great connect with product and consumers real situation.

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