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What is original?
Leonard Li 2019-05-15

Personally, "original" is a quite fimiliar word for me. Whatever as a advertiser or a designer, all we know original is the first rule to obey when we produce work. One side, "Original" could make you avoid violation of the law by plagiarism, in another side, it is a responsiblity for your target audience and client. The makers know the meaning of "Original", for normal consumers may be not, so FORD brand make a series of poster to show this phenomenon which is around our normal life.

First time I see these two posters, it make me feel amaze, so many fimiliar pictures from social media, what's the meaning of this poster? Is it a public service advertising? I am absolutely strange. At the right corner, there is one copy "WHAT SEEMS ORIGINAL, MAY NOT BE." Everyone taken their own photos on social platform, 

but after the data analysis and arrangement, you could see whatever the expression, the behaviour or special effects, they are so similiar. Normal people can not relaize this trend, but FORD make these two posters to explain people. Link to their own product car, when you see other brands car, although they are fimiliar with each other, but the real original car just from FORD, you could be the unique one.

For me I think these two posters are distinct, using many pictures to show, it is truly that give a viewer a deep impression on FORD. so the layout and content are very fantanstic for me. It is worthy us to learn.

There is also a shortcoming, for me I think the detail information are not enough, although the visual impact is very strong, we also need detail to explain the idea. The another is the FORD's logo or other brand identification.

So, whatever we are creator or normal person, we must realize that more and more things become assimilated due to the media or social platform development. People want to be the best one just like the famous people on social platform, if you want to that one, you just same as she/he, you are not original you, if you want to be the people that eveyone admire, just be yourself, be the best one.

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