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New Play of National Treasure
Leonard Li 2019-05-22

As we all know, our country China has five thousands years history and culture. It is natural that there are a lot of national treasure from history.  They are not just display on museum for viewers appreciate. They also could become universal for normal people just like us. So Taobao make a campaign with national treasure, design a series of peripheral products, like garage kit, facial mask etc. So let us enjoy the new presentation of national treassure.

This is the product show of Peking Opera mask, which could make you looks like a professional Peking Opera performers. The idea of this product is oprea could changes the facial makeup for performance effect.

These two are the second product with the Qinshihuang Mausoleum Museum. If you going to the museum, you must be attract by the brilliant soldiers.

This is the Terra Cotta Warriors of museim, designer according to these postures to create garage kit. It is clearly see the product on poster, the solider posture model to accompany with you, making you feel like a real king. The model not just for appreicitate, it also has unique functions  for hold office stationery, like pencil, paper etc.

As the poster design style, they using central composition to stress out the model, and the black shapes help inform the role of auxiliary guidance of vision. So it is a good prodcut show poster, but not good at creative way. If I were the designer, I will using a creative way tu put the model, like two models fighting with each other or colorful face expressions to attract consumers.

In this way let national treasure connect with oridinary people, in one way make a great influence on conduct the traditional culture and hisory, the another way is stimulating consumer demand to promote the sales scale.



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