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Enjoy physical poster by Adidas.
Leonard Li 2019-06-13

For me, it is a amazing brand, because when I am a high school student, only rich home's student could wear the sportshoes belong to Adidas. For most of us, it is a rich symbol if you wear a Adidas sportshoes. In that time, I do not know wht this brand is much higher than our local brand, just because it is a  foreign brand? Until I am a undergraduate, I have more money to dominate, hence I also buy a adidas sportshoes, after that, I found that, beside expensive it also provide the best comfort feeling to consumers and the quality. So I know the differences between it and local brand.

In this blog, I have two identities, one is a consumer and another is a AD designer to appreciate this group of flat posters.

If you are a fans of Adidas, even there is not a obvious logo on the poster, you also could learn that it is adidas product. Because there are many foam balls on the right bag, these are the core technology of Boast. This technollogy is famous for comfor and cushioning effect, it is the symbol of comfort and soft.

This is also the reason why this poster is a physical form, there are no extra patterns and colors. Because adidas is confident with their product, when consumer see its product even it is a semi-manufactured they also could realize that this is adidas product. This brand image awareness is worthy others sports brand to learn. The another traditional famous brand NIKE, their product also has their special way,like Zoom technology. This unique characteristic is this kind of brand could keep them strongest in competitor.

This type of poster also worthy us to learn, one side could help consumer to know the structure of product, therefore make a closer relationship with target audience. For me, I need to create more different types of poster to attract target audience.

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