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阿奇 2020-12-19

User Privacy Agreement

The first part defines

This product website. Personal information: refers to various information recorded electronically or otherwise that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activity of a particular natural person, either alone or in combination with other information.

Personal sensitive information: including identity card number, personal biometric information, bank account number, property information, whereabouts, transaction information, personal information of children under 14 years old, etc.

Personal information deletion: refers to the act of removing personal information in the system involved in realizing daily business functions, so that it can not be retrieved and accessed.

Other non-personal information: This product may automatically receive and record the server value on your website or application when you use the product or service of this product. This includes, but is not limited to, the keywords you enter, the web pages you request to access, the various records, the operating status of the products or services of the product, the network environment, the abnormal logs, etc., which are clearly and objectively reflected in the product or service of this product. Basic record information on the server side. The aforementioned basic record information and other information that cannot be identified by you personally are not your personal information.

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