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DNA 小说

40 The unbreakable bond [Angel of darkness]


Magnus’s loft. The bedroom. 

The messy clothes were everywhere on the floor. Alec and Magnus lying in the bed, hugging each other tightly, in relaxed mode. The warm morning sunlight from the window brightened up their day.

“I guess this is the end then,” Magnus whispered with...


Magnus’s loft. The bedroom. 

The messy clothes were everywhere on the floor. Alec and Magnus lying in the bed, hugging each other tightly, in relaxed mode. The warm morning sunlight from the window brightened up their day.

“I guess this is the end then,” Magnus whispered with a happy face. 

“End of the dramas, but the new life just a beginning,” Alec said. 

Magnus nodded slightly and caressing Alec’s bare chest happily. Magnus’s running fingers jumping on Alec’s body playfully, the gem of Alec’s family ring shining colorful on Magnus’s finger. 

“Alexander.” Magnus looked up at Alec, then he continued. “Do you have any planning today?”

Alec exhaled deeply and sent Magnus a naughty smirk. “Well, my plan is … You. What do you say if we’re having some fun here? A whole day free from the drama but just to be with you and stay at home.”

“Whoa. Be with me and stay at home? I love this concept!” Magnus turned his body and changed a posture to ride on Alec’s waist, then he gets closer against Alec’s chest under the bedsheet. 

“So, my delicious shadowhunter. What are you going to do with me now?” Magnus teased with a sexy tone, which made Alec feeling his throat tighter and dry.

“By the angels, you are playing the fire, Magnus.” Alec gasped and replied in a deep hoarse voice.

Meanwhile, Alec’s strong arms pulled Magnus into his warm embrace and kissing him fiercely, which caused Magnus moaning softly under his short breathing and a racing heart. After a short while, Alec feeling Magnus suddenly broke the kisses and placed a hand to hint Alec to stop his further action.

“What’s wrong?” Alec frowned and looked unhappy. 

“Someone had barged into the loft.” Magnus took a few deep breaths to slow down his panting. Then, he left the bed and grabbed his silk nightgown.

“What? It’s impossible. I thought father had strengthened the protection wards of this place before he returned to Edom, doesn’t it?” The father that Alec mentioned was obviously referring to the Asmodeus. who is Magnus’s birth father.”

“I have to check on it.” Magnus sent an apologetic look at Alec. “Sorry, Alexander. Maybe we can continue this… later.”

Alec raised his eyebrow with a soft chuckle. “Wait, I should go with you. I want to kill that bastard who dare to ruin my groove.”

Magnus gave Alec a hilarious look. Then, both of them dressed properly and walking out from the bedroom together. However, what made them feeling shocked was the scent of toast and coffee that surrounded them in the living room. 

“MORNING!” There’s a cheerful greeting from a familiar voice. 

“…Kazaf?” Alec frowned deeply and gazing at the kitchen, which they didn’t saw anyone but the earlier voice was coming from there.

“What are you doing here?” Magnus already walking to the kitchen and staring at the unexpected guest who squats on the floor and sorts out the cupboards.

Kazaf gave them a wide smiling face. “It’s okay, don’t mind me. You guys can continue to do your job.”

“Job? Today is my off day and Magnus also not working today.” Alec replied with an innocent voice, which made Magnus rolled his eyes in an awkward look and Kazaf chuckled at them.

“Alec, the job I meant is…” Kazaf faked a coughing sound and continued with a teasing tone. “Your morning bed exercises with Chocolate.”

“What?!” Alec almost chocked by his own saliva. Gosh, it’s truly awkward. 

“Alexander. Just ignore him.” Magnus sighed, then he looked back at his annoying big brother. “By the way, why are you coming here?”

“Since both of you are awake and I guess you guys temporarily don’t have ‘working on bed’ mood now… So, why don’t you both go to take a wash and having breakfast with me together?” Kazaf suggested with an excited tone. 

Alec exchanged a quick glare with Magnus. 

“Fine. You should have a proper explanation to me, I’m seriously want to know why you suddenly coming here without informing us at all.” Magnus hummed and pulled Alec together with him.


After about fifteen minutes. 

“WHAT are you talking about? You want to live with us?” Magnus looked in shock.

“Why look so surprised? You do not welcome me?” Kazaf added with a disappointed look.

“I thought you already decided to go back to Edom and assisting father to rule the hell. Plus, you will still need to go back to do the part-time angel job when grandpa summoning you. Then, what makes you suddenly changed your mind again to come here?” Magnus asked. 

“Well, maybe it’s just because of me, as I am realized that I miss the mundane world so much,” Kazaf said in an honest tone. “Besides that, you are the one who allows keeping one room for me here, and you did say that you are welcoming to join your housemate life again at any time. Don’t you dare to forget this!” Kazaf reminded Magnus with a serious look. 

“But…” Magnus looked frustrated and turned to Alec, hoping that Alec can say something to help him. 

However, Alec was being Alec again. He was being too kind and over-friendly to Kazaf. 

“Kazaf, you are our family, our brother. Of course, you can come and staying at here whenever you want. Welcome home, Kazaf.” Alec smiled warmly. 

“Thank you, Alec. You are always so nice to me!” Kazaf replied.

“Alexander!” Magnus couldn’t help himself but raised his voice. “Don’t you think his existence here is not really suitable? Especially when we want to have some… intimate moment.”

Alec stunned by Magnus’s last words.
Okay, it’s truly a trouble. 

“Don’t worry, I will pretend that I am deaf when you both doing that kind of stuff.” Kazaf winking his eyes playfully. 

Alec buried his face in his hands, feeling nervous and blushing. 

“Kazaf, please stop teasing my Alexander!” Magnus looked annoyed.

“Fine. Whatever.” Kazaf laughed and took a toast from the plate. “Shall we eat now? I’m damn hungry.”

Then, Alec exchanged a quick speechless glare with Magnus. 

“By the way, there’s something I’m not sure whether should I talk to you guys or not.” Kazaf suddenly said in a serious tone. “Especially to Alec…”

Magnus and Alec frowned immediately.

“Just spit it out.” Magnus urged.

“What is it?” Alec looked confused.

“Well, since you are asking…” Kazaf shrugged and continued with an innocent look. “Alec, can you please be gentle with my brother next time when you guys do the bed exercise? You see, Magnus’s neck is full of bruises. Based on what I heard and accidentally saw through the protection rune…. I bet his hips also the same, or even worse.”


There was a pregnant silence after the couple heard what Kazaf said to them.

“JUST SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!” Magnus shouted uncontrollably and he swore he almost want to throw the fireball at Kazaf. However, Magnus did suppress his emotion and impulse as he clearly knowing that Kazaf's angelic protection rune still carving on his heart. Which means, none of his magic power able to attack Kazaf while Kazaf’s stronger power was protecting him all the time. That’s one of the conditions that Asmodeus requested him to do so, to make sure Magnus always under their protection.

Alec slammed his face, feeling embarrassed.
Okay. He will survive from this too. He reminded himself silently.


 [*Alec’s brother-in-law drama(s) to be continued in his domestic daily lives]


DNA 小说

37 The Silver City-b [Angel of darkness]

Watching Kazaf and Magnus’s back getting far away from them, God suddenly spoke to Asmodeus.

“That kid just like you. A small version of you.” God said softly with a grin.

Asmodeus sighed. “He actually hating me so long. I don’t even know why he suddenly changed his attitude to me. The way how...

Watching Kazaf and Magnus’s back getting far away from them, God suddenly spoke to Asmodeus.

“That kid just like you. A small version of you.” God said softly with a grin.

Asmodeus sighed. “He actually hating me so long. I don’t even know why he suddenly changed his attitude to me. The way how he treats me now is more similar to the way like how he clingy to me in the past when he was a child.”

“He hates you? Is that like the way how you hating me?” God asked quietly.

Asmodeus stunned.

“Ash, you are a father now,” God said. “You never lost everything good in your life. You still have a family. Your sons, they are your legacies. And I, I'm always here for you.”

“You are here for me?” Asmodeus gave God a mocking laugh. “Stop lying, dad.”

“I knew you might feeling hurt when you thought I sent you to rule the hell. But it's not really a punishment at all. Asmodeus, I believe you are the right person in that position. Just like Azrael, I sent her to be the angel of death because she's compassion for the dead. And you? The lust nature that carved into your soul… That also made you are compassion with love, even though sometimes you are stubborn and blinded by your pain, but your patience and compassion with those dark creatures made you their savior. All your people looked up to you.” Said God.

Then, after a short pause, God continued. “Most of the dark creatures born in anger, feelings of revenge, and hate. But, there’s only compassion and love that able to calm them down and dissolve their resentments. As your nature in the soul, you are able to understand them well, much better than your other siblings. That’s why you are suitable to rule Edom. And, because of your relationship with your sons, all your connection with the angels, those mundanes and downworlders… I always know that you are capable to do a good job as a hell ruler. To maintain the order of the dimensions, there’s no one able to surpass Lucifer and you.”

“Such ironic. The lust nature sin of my life is the forever curse on me. Don't you know it that how hard I tried to get rid of those thoughts? I have to completely abandon my lust nature to live through this life that you gave me!” Asmodeus said sadly.

“A life is a test itself. Asmodeus, you've passed it. Don’t you realize it? When u sacrificed yourself for your beloved sons, you overcome the biggest challenge. The Lust... It didn't mean you have to give up to love someone. But the love will be upgraded to something more valuable, your legacy... Despite the loss of your lovers, you're willing to focus on your responsibilities to be a good father for your sons. This really made me feel so proud of you.” Said God.

God then walked to Asmodeus slowly, he placed his hands on Asmodeus’s shoulder, squeezed to comfort him and gave him strength. “Ash, my son. There was a time, I always hope that you are able to understand me one day. And now, today… Thank you for showing me your understanding of my efforts.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Asmodeus lied.

Asmodeus clenched his fist and uncontrollable recalled back some old memories.

In the past, what Asmodeus said to God.

“If love is what she needs, then I’ll endure exile,” He said when God stopped him from falling in love with Eva.

“If all of them cannot accept my child, then I’ll be the king of my own kingdom. I will provide shelter for my child, to keep him safe and sound under my protection.” He said when God tried to warn him that the others might probably hurt his miracle firstborn child.

“I’m ready for the consequences.” He said when God stopped him from time-traveling to resurrect Eva’s life and also warned him about the repeating tragedy in the future.

“She is different. If I’m destined to be the sinner of love and lust, then please just let me be. I don't care if heaven won't take me back.” He said when God stopped him from loving Magnus’s mother.

“I'll stay with my sons because they need me more than you do.” He said when he rejected God’s offer to ask him to return to his hometown, the silver city.

Present time.

God smiled at Asmodeus, after a short pause, then he continued. “Hold onto to your sons, follow your heart, listen to your soul. They will lead you to the right path. I hope that you will be free from your nightmares soon. But still, you have to learn to forgive yourself and move on.”

“Done?” Asmodeus hissed. “You are too nagging, old man. If you’re really that free, you should be watching over Lucifer and get him back to his job soonest as possible. I’m tired to be his replacement.”

God released a soft laugh and asked. “Didn’t Lucifer had promised you that he will be going back to rule his hell kingdom soon? Lucifer had growing up too. After he went through Kazaf’s sudden death and when he witnessed your grief and desperation over Kazaf and Eva… ”

“…Eva? So… you knew it.” Asmodeus looked down sadly. “Of course, you knew it. You are such a control freak.”

God sighed and slowly pulled Asmodeus into his arms. Asmodeus stunned at first, feeling uncomfortable indeed but he does not reject the concern and the comfort giving from his long time no see father.

“Ash… It’s okay, you will be fine, my son.” God whispered softly in Asmodeus’s ear, he patted Asmodeus’s back slowly at the same time. “Eva is in a better place now. I’m so proud of you, my son.”


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Kazaf是我见过最帅气最可爱的僵尸 (●´ω`●)φ


Kazaf是我见过最帅气最可爱的僵尸 (●´ω`●)φ