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ALLSTAR GROUP 2019-04-28

Winners always coincide with the needs of the Times.Most enterprisesmeet bottlenecks from different dimensions after many years how to solve these problems? =>CHANGE

1.Logistics chain need change=>to meet market requirements. 

2.Foreign trade marketing need change=>face to current status& reform. 

3.Advertising media need change=>multi-dimensional publicity

4.Team structure need change=>move enterprise’s obstacle

We made the conclusion after visit a local medium-sized enterpriseon Mar.30,2019.If some of you are interested,we will share our point of viewhere base on above 4 items. Let us Communication together & Learningtogether & Solving problem together & Become stronger together!!

Item one:Logistic chain need change

I always get calls from different international logisticsteams/companies,and I know they want to do some support for my work,but irefused and say “no,thanks.Our company already have such a team can service ourcustomers better.” 

It is true.below is some point of view for international logistics.

1.Logistics chain is the hub of foreign trade,connecting buyers andsellers.The marketing team has the function of “hematopoiesis”,and thelogistics chain is like a “blood vessel”.Its healthy or not affects the businessenvironment directly.

2.Choosing the suitable logistics form is related to the reductionof business risk,the reduction of transportation cost,the improvement oftransaction efficiency between sellers and buyers etc.

An international logistics team needs to analyze for its customerswith a professional perspective:

1. Analyze differentproducts need different logistics modes; 

2. Analyze thecorresponding logistics forms among different countries;

3. Analyze howto maximize the enterprises’ foreign trade profit through different logisticscombinations. 

At present, the international market is developing, and the way oflogistics is also changing a lot. Only with the courage to innovate and try,can we find a breakthrough in the traditional logistics for expanding andoccupying the market better.

Item two:Foreign trade marketing need change

It is important to seek a breaking point and make a reform when themarketing goes downhill.Now we are faced with the cost of enterprise’sdevelopment increased,the product market competitiveness decline,and profitdecline.

What causes that?

The traditional market is saturated,too much similar product,pricewar;Anti-dumping policy of reginal trade protection for certain types ofproducts etc.

We need to analysis the future target market with an open andanalytical mind.

1.Let the non-quality resources go,release time and money

2.Focus on rapid development region and large demand market.

3.Developing new customers,finding new resources,not only maintainexisting customers and resources.

Item three:Traditional advertising media need change tomulti-dimensional publicity

With the vigorous development of the Internet, the globalization ofthe Internet has narrowed the distance between time and space on the earth, andinternational exchanges have become increasingly frequent and convenient.

In addition to the traditional platform and exhibition publicity,Internet "we media" is becoming a more comprehensive publicitysubject, including the promotion of company website and the new media operationetc.

Compared with the traditional way of publicity, Internet publicityis more convenient to operate, spreads faster and has a wider range ofinfluence.

Item Four:Team structure need change,move enterprise’s obstacle

If some of us have the flower planting experience,we must haveheared of the saying “seventy percent by management,thirty percent by clipping”.Mostflowers bloom on new branches,so we need to prune old one,let the plant havegraceful shape,grow more new branches,more flowers,even more fruit.

The same is true of business management,we need to move obstaclesexisting in company,thus the company can get enough energy to bloom moreflowers and more what obstacles?

-Team members’ fixed thinking and reluctance to think will miss newways of expanding new market

-Team members’ abilities can’t match the role in company verywell,the suitable talents have no chance to access.

-The leadership structure hasn’t optimized.It is important to set aquality leadership pyramid according to the company future developmentdirection.

The limitation of thought is the stumbling block of enterprisereform. Only by changing the inherent ideas and changing the inherent ways andmethods, can we bring forth the new and realize the globalization of themarket.

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